Just started watching Sherlock recently but I immediately loved how well it was done with regards modernising it but only where it was necessary, ie Sherlock having mobile phones and getting into a black cab as opposed to a hansom.  

My favourite ref to the original series was the first episode when he talked about the phone Watson had, specifically the way there were scratches around where the charger would have been plugged in at night.  He deduces that the original owner had drinking problems from that.  That is the exact same as the first Sherlock Holmes story except replace phone with watch.  I thought it was perfect.

Anyone else have favourite references?

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I love the "drugs bust" scene in A Study in Pink, seeing as in the original stories Holmes had a cocaine problem.

Also, when he beats the corpse with a riding crop. I remember the first time I read A Study in Scarlet and coming to that part. I'll admit, the eccentricities are what attract me to the character, and the show has done such a marvelous job at retaining that!

I can't remember exactly which story from the canon this is in, but it is once mentioned that there are seventeen steps up to 221b. There is video footage somewhere of Mark Gatiss getting all excited because there are exactly seventeen steps in the set as well. There are so many little things like that hidden throughout the series and I really adore how much detail is put into hiding them.

"I'd be lost without my blogger" in place of "I'd be lost without my Boswell" is great.  I also couldn't stop laughing during the "Rachel" vs "Rache" debate.

I liked how they gave John a psychosomatic limp but the real wound was in his shoulder. This was nice little reference to how Arthur Conan Doyle kept changing the location of Watson's war wound in the original stories! 

"Vatican Cameos" has to be one of the most brilliant, subtle references to canon in the entire show.

A really great one is the texting. In the canon, Watson mentions how Holmes never writes where a telegram will serve. I love how they translated that; how he never talks where a text will serve. Also Lestrade's first name- it's mentioned in the canon as starting with a "G," but never revealed.

"Mr. Holmes, they were the footprints of a gigantic hound."

For some reason, that one is my favourite. Also, the way they changed the thing with Stapleton amused me. Oh my gosh, now that I think about it, the thing with Stapleton reminds me of Cersei and Jaime Lannister.... kind of.

It's my favourite line too. I replayed and replayed and replayed to watch that particular scene, you know!  ^_^

But how does the Stapleton thing remind you of those two Lannisters??

I know seems very simple but it is an all time classic. The Deerstalker.

"It's a three-patch problem."

I especially love it because when my close friend was quitting smoking--in spite of his disinterest in the BBC series--he used it anyway.

 I love how they play with the titles. The modern ones are really interesting. Also, the concept of blog and all. Then Sherlock's attention towards "The Woman", all modernised.

My favourite episode was the one adopted from The Hound of they used the 'pressure pad in mines' concept. The whole episode was much more interesting than the book. 

So, I know the blog counter getting stuck at 1895 has already been mentioned, but there is another fun fact about it.
Vincent Starrett wrote a poem about Sherlock and Watson called 221b. It is about the characters never being able to really die, because they are fictional and they live in the readers.
Anyway, the last two lines of it are

"Here, though the world explode, these two survive
And it is always eighteen ninety-five."

I thought that was pretty neat. Here is the link if anyone wants to read the rest of the poem:


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