I was bored and desperate for Sherlock, so I searched on YouTube and found some pretty funny videos...


I can't get enough of this one in particular:

"Drunk" Sherlock


I hope you enjoy that sort of stuff too. :D

Please share funny Sherlock videos you've found - if even just unedited clips from the series. Do tell if you make your own! :)


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Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better

Sherlock vs The Eleventh Doctor :)

This. Sherlock is not a virgin anymore. 

Oh my goodness, that made me laugh so much! I felt slightly awkward about it, but it's so funny.

This one is quite funny too. Though it is a song spoof, the songs used are fitting and are used cleverly :D 

Hahaha, thank you for sharing this. It's very comical.

I've seen that one before and it's pretty funny. I've watched a lot of "musical" Sherlock videos (because that's what I just do in my spare time) and this one is by far my favorite 

I like this one quite a bit too:

This isn't horribly funny, so I don't know why I've watched it 17 times.

this is more amusing than funny, I think it's very well done and the song fits Sherlock surprisingly well:

also probably my favorite moment in the series:

Here's a couple - 

One done in the style of a comedy movie trailer:

And another video that is done to ColdPlay's Charlie Brown:


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