How do you guys think Sherlock Survived the fall? Post theories here.

I think that Molly had something to do with it :)

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He had a tennis ball

I'm pretty much agreeing with everyone else here, HOWEVER i would also like to point out one thing! If you look carefully from the top of the building after sherlock has hit the ground, and before watson gets there, there is a smudge mark leading away from Sherlock's "body" - Deduction: That isn't sherlock at all on the floor. Sherlock either landed on someone, or on a pre meditated space, and was dragged away, after having been slightly injured (as a fall from that height would hurt no matter WHAT you landed on). To back this up (albeit slightly), is that when we see sherlock in the graveyard, he has a scar on his neck, which he didn't have at the beginning...
Also, there is still the fact that there is one of the assassins still trying to protect sherlock, as they want the code that moriarty gave him. One of the assassins looked a little bit like sherlock... coincidence? mebbes :)

I thought I was the only one who noticed the killer. He did look a bit like him and they did show more of him than other killers (Lestrade's one wan't even shown). 

Maybe Sherlock was the one who fell and whose the body we see, but he somehow managed to survive the fall from the 3th floor without dying or being paralyzed. I mean, we see Sherlock fall. Maybe he's a ninja or something.

I guess we'll just have to wait for Steven "I hate Neira so much that whenever she get hooked on one of my shows I must stop filming it" Moffat and the rest of the team to start filming again. Until then, I have Hobbit to looks forward to.

Hell yeah the hobbit ^_^

Well, when "Sherlock" is being rolled away on the cart into the ambulance, it shows a split second of "Sherlock's" face, which if you notice (and many people on tumblr have), it isn't Sherlock it all. It's just some guy that none of us has seen before. There isn't even blood on his face.

But John looked at Sherlock and I don't think he'd fail to recognise his best friend.

Even so, John was in Shock. And he only saw him up close, while dizzy and disoriented, and while, if the theory above is correct, covered in blood. The blood could have easily been wiped away as they loaded him.

The guy on the bike who crashed into John after Sherlock fell was very suspicious. And there was a picture on tumblr where John had something in his ear, but I have no idea what it is. Maybe it wasn't meant to be anything... But maybe it is..... MY EMOTIONS. I can't control this ARGH Sherlock just hurry up already!
How the ambulance came and when the doctors took Sherlock around the corner into the hospital.... what happened in there? The audience for Sherlock's fall we're forcefully holding John back, not letting him get too close. I wonder.

There's also been the theory of the camera. This has been floating around on tumblr, and it isn't my idea, but basically, here's the gist of it:

Remember the camera that Sherlock found in his flat? The one that Moriarty had placed there somehow? There's one scene where Sherlock and John are talking and Sherlock's tapping away at his computer about something he's very intent on. The only time he stops typing is when he realizes John might not trust him, but once he's reassured that he is, he continues typing away. Then at the end of the scene, it shows a camera-view of Sherlock, showing that he's got it working and somehow is useful. This is a very looked-over part of the episode, but there's the theory that Sherlock used the camera on the roof with Moriarty, and somehow he got the camera to John after he fell off the roof. That's why Sherlock had been asking all those questions: the real Sherlock would have figured all of that out.

I've probably missed some things, but it's a good theory nonetheless.

Yeah, but I don't see how that would have saved him from dying because of the fall...

Sherlock talks to his homeless people team whatever they are, when asks for a moment. Then, insists that John keeps looking at him, from one precise point where he can only see a part of the scene. Then, John is hit by the bike, while the people work on Sherlock and don't let John get any further. 

well....i think Sherlock was ahead of Moriarty all the time, not the other way round so he knew he wanted to kill him and this is what he told Molly but he couldnt tell John because he had to believe he was dead so that the gunmen also thought he was dead.

so...Sherlock didnt go up to the roof, it was someone else with a Sherlock mask on which Molly made because she also faked Irene Adler being dead so she had made a mask of her as well. because Sherlock wasnt on the roof, this was why imposter Sherlock got Moriartys plan wrong probably to give real Sherlock more time so he could be somewhere else like the lorry in front of the hospital.

the cyclist injected John with the drug from the Hounds of Baskerville and that was why he was all dizzy. that meant that John saw the thing he most feared which was Sherlock jumping but it wasnt Sherlock or imposter Sherlock, it was Moriartys body with imposter Sherlocks mask on to fool the gunmen.

when the body hit the ground, real Sherlock jumps out of the van with blood on his face and lies on the ground. he stops his pulse in his arm by putting the ping pong ball under his armpit.

the people trying to hold John back from Sherlock to stop his taking his pulse are people employed by Mycroft or the homeless network. the probably most important thing I noticed was that the paramedics didnt take Sherlock into the hospital which they were right outside, they took him into an underground carpark which means they probably were in on it. Molly made a body to be buried as Sherlock like she did for Irene Adler.

finally, Sherlock appears in the trees and listens to John being a bit awkward talking to Sherlocks fake grave and saying stuff he'll probably regret later when Sherlock says he heard everything he said....


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