How do you guys think Sherlock Survived the fall? Post theories here.

I think that Molly had something to do with it :)

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 Knowing Moffat and his love of the incredibly simple explained in a way that Sherlock Holmes himself could not understand it, I feel it might be an incredibly easy explanation. 

And also knowing Moffat, it's likely something that NONE of us have even thought of.

I agree. 


*shakes fist*

I reckon it also had something to do with him saying 'stay exactly where you are' because the bike came and knocked him over and the truck obscured his view...and then when he took Sherlock's pulse he was super dizzy (and in shock) and Sherlock did say that taking Mercury slowed your pulse, so he probably took some of that. I think the people who crowded around him where in on it, and they took him away so fast...he might have asked for help from the homeless network.

...And then there's Molly.

Mercury can kill you though, even if you are incredibly careful. A smart man like Sherlock wouldn't take that risk, would he? (we shall not mention scratching his head with John's browning in 'The Great Game' )

i think sherlock jumped into this car with all the bags on it. john couldn't see it because he was behind that other building. someone put the body on the ground (probably made to look like sherlock by molly). john gets hit by the cyclist, hits his head, and therefore can't see properly. the car drives of. john feels the corpses pulse, notices it is a corpse and it is taken away.

I feel like he would have had to bring in a lot of other people. Even with his homeless network, there's no way that anyone in Moriarty's network wouldn't suspect that. I feel like that's way to many people to have to, in a sense, 'pay off.'

SPOILERS for The Prestige

I think the previous episode with the hallucinated dog drug is the key.  That episode is the only stand alone episode so far. Everything else is connected to Moriarty or Mycroft.  Also, In the original stories there is a Colonel James Moriarty but he is referred to by Watson as Professor Moriarty's brother.  In a later story Sherlock refers to Moriarty as Professor James Moriarty.  Could it be possible that the Moriarty we have been seeing isn't the real Moriarty or he is pulling of some sort of Prestige trick?

JM: "No one ever gets to me."

SH: "I did."

JM. "You've come the closest."

After this^^ exchange in The Great Game I was convinced that 'Jim' wasn't the real Moriarty and that we'd been given a 'decoy-villain' instead. But they didn't run with this for Series Two and though it's certainly possible that they could for Series Three it doesn't seem likely to meI'm more inclined to think that we'll have some new villains, maybe Sebastian Moran? It would be fitting for Sherlock's return and makes sense since he's one of Moriarty's henchmen and the second most dangerous criminal Holmes ever faced.

according to moffat, we're missing something that was actually in the episode, i was thinking it might be some medical thing but if it was another drug we would've need to have seen it or something that could lead us to deduce that it was a drug


anyone else heard about the crisp packet theory?

Crisp...packet theory?


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