How do you guys think Sherlock Survived the fall? Post theories here.

I think that Molly had something to do with it :)

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Sherlock could not have known that Moriaty would off himself and he is unlikely to have planned to kill him. so by deduction the dead body on the roof is a red herring.

However, Sherlock knew Moriaty wanted him dead and Sherlock choose the location (Bart’s roof). he didnt want M near him when he jumped (when has Sherlock ever wanted “a moment”?) so we can assume a plan was in place. Where Sherlock landed there was a nice square outline paved area and a truck full off nice squishy looking stuff. my money is on the truck being moved nearer (or full of a moveable crash mat) and in place. Sherlock jumps. Lands on the mat. a team of homeless move the mat back into the truck while Sherlock throws blood red paint on himself and lays prone.

we know Watson was carefully placed away from the action (which screamed “sight lines” to me) and knocked out of the way to prevent him from being a doctor on the scene. pulses are hard to find at the best of times and John isnt given more than a few seconds (and is in shock). as was mentioned, if he was a corpse they would have covered him and left him for the police, if he was a patient they would have fitted a neckbrace and stabilised him before moving but they whisked him inside asap.

Molly has either arranged the nurses or it is the homeless team dressed up in scrubs. Molly then signs the death certificate and claims to have done an autopsy. Voila!


Might I just add that the whole "i was so alone" headstone scene... thats when i started crying

Yeah, this is the popular theory on Tumblr and it's basically what I'd started to suspect the moment John collided with that cyclist. It seemed too well-timed (not to mention the cyclist didn't apologize, that jerk).

Stupid mistake on Moriarty's part, though, to forget about Molly. He dated the girl and even he didn't think she mattered enough to be monitored. Guess he just assumed Sherlock would continue to ignore her existence as per usual. Tsk, tsk.

Anyway, I don't think it's necessarily true that Sherlock wouldn't have planned to kill Moriarty. I agree, though, that there's no way he could have foreseen Moriarty just offing himself. That part surprised me even though it had already been spoiled beforehand. It takes a special kind of crazy to cheerfully blow your own brains out just to spite your rival...

I'm not sure if he used a mat, we clearly saw him hit the ground. I'm of the opinion that, because it's a morgue, it wouldn't have been that hard to find a body that looked somewhat like Sherlock. Even then, we also saw him jump off the building, so this theory wouldn't work. Otherwise, I agree with your ideas about Watson and Molly. After seeing Doctor Who and Sherlock though, I'm pretty sure that Moffat won't fail to surprise us.

I noticed the handily placed truck too.  But I'm actually wondering about the body that fell off the roof, Watson didn't see it properly, he didn't get a chance to get close, maybe Molly or the homeless team like you said.  I think maybe Sherlock threw the body of Moriarty over after he had put his coat on him.

Naah, whoever fell off the roof must have been alive, as you can see his arms and legs moving and wriggling around

I agree with your entire theory!! That's what I  tried to explain, my friend insisted he took some drugs to relax his muscles or something. But I started crying the second he called John. I paused the show to cry. 

Before Sherlock went to the roof, he was playing with a ball, and if you put a ball under your arm it's supposed to stop the pulse in your wrist, so John would have thought that he was dead. :)

Now that is clever!

I was about to compliment you on noticing this, but Kat stole the words from me. Very clever!


Is this true? COs if it is thats brilliant!

how big does the ball need to be?


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