I've been thinking about this a lot lately, but I'm still not sure...

So, if you could all fill this in, that'd be awesome :)
( you don't have to fill in /every/ one, if you don't want to...)

Sherlock Holmes:
John Watson:
Jim Moriarty:
Greg Lestrade:
Mycroft Holmes:
Molly Hooper:
Sally Donovan:
Irene Adler:
Henry Knight:

Just add someone, if you feel the need to!

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In my opinion, as follows;

Sherlock Holmes: Ravenclaw (obviously)
John Watson: Gryffindor (I was going to say Hufflepuff because of his loyalty, but I'd say his bravery is more prominent)
Jim Moriarty: Slytherin (power-hungry)
Greg Lestrade: Gryffindor
Mycroft Holmes: Slytherin
Molly Hooper: Hufflepuff (she's loyal, obviously)
Sally Donovan: Ravenclaw. She may be judgemental, but she's still smart enough to be a sergeant.
Anderson: This one's hard... I have no idea.
Anthea: Hufflepuff. She always sticking by Mycroft.
Irene Adler: Slytherin; going to any lengths to get what she wants.
Henry Knight: Sorry to automatically go to Hufflepuff, but he really doesn't fit anywhere else, and he has that feeling about him :/

Hahaha YES!

I think Sherlock could be in Ravenclaw or Slytherin and John Hufflepuff or Gryffindor, but I tend to favour Slytherin Sherlock and Hufflepuff John. So

SH- Slytherin

JW- Hufflepuff

JM- Definitely Slytherin

Greg Lestrade- I think Hufflepuff? He was very loyal to Sherlock in Reichenbach even when he doubted him

Mycroft - Slytherin? or Ravenclaw. I'm not sure because while in some ways "Mycroft is the British Government" he occupies a minor position. If he was really ambitious he would have a prominent place... although if he stays behind the scenes he can still have a lot of power and stay there not having to worry about being voted out... I really don't know, Mycroft confuses me. Which is the house that likes cake?

Molly Hooper- Gosh Molly I don't know. She's clever because she's a pathologist, she's very sweet and loyal and kind... I think Hufflepuff

Sally Donovan- Gryffindor I think. She's very confident and you've got to be brave to be a police officer. And she wasn't scared to go above Lestrade and voice her opinion about Sherlock being a master criminal. Even if she was wrong.

Anderson- Muggle

Anthea- ??? She's only been in the show for about 5 minutes... Ravenclaw?

Irene Adler- Slytherin

Henry Knight- I don't know. Hufflepuff because he doesn't fit anywhere else :)

I can't believe you missed out Mrs Hudson! :O

Mrs Hudson- A total Gryffindor :)

Sherlock Holmes: Slytherin (or Ravenclaw. I cant decide)

John Watson: Gryffindor

Jim Moriarty:Slytherin

Greg Lestrade: Gryffindor

Mycroft Holmes: Ravenclaw

Molly Hooper: Hufflepuff

Anderson: SQUIB!!!

Anthea: Ravenclaw

Irene Alder: Slytherin

Henry Knight: Hufflepuff

Ooh.. looks like fun. I'll give this a go too. :)

Sherlock Holmes: Slytherin (Remember not everyone is Slytherin is evil (aka Snape). Sherlock's method of justice reminds me of Snape just a little bit- the sort of antihero-ish thing.)

John Watson: Hufflepuff (Because he's so loyal.)

Jim Moriarty: Slytherin (nuff said.)

Greg Lestrade: Hufflepuff (?) (He's a nice guy and a pretty loyal friend to John and Sherlock so...)

Mycroft Holmes: Slytherin ("Occasionally he is the British government..." yeah seems pretty Slytherin to me.)

Molly Hooper: Hufflepuff (Because of her loyalty of Sherlock.)

Sally Donovan: Gryffindor (I think she is really trying to do what she believes is right.)

Anderson: Love the squib idea! It totally is perfect. :D

Anthea: Slytherin (Mycroft's minion.)

Irene Adler: Slytherin (Wow, I'm sure putting a lot of people in Slytherin. But really Irene couldn't go anywhere else.)

Henry Knight: ...? Hufflepuff, Gryffindor?

Mrs. Hudson: Gryffindor FTW!

Sherlock: Ravenclaw or Slytherin 

John: Gryffindor ("nerves of steel")

Jim: Slytherin

Greg: Hufflepuff

Mycroft: Slytherin

Molly: Hufflepuff or Gryffindor

Sally: Slytherin

Anderson: Hufflepuff

Anthea: Slytherin

Irene: Slytherin

Henry: no clue

Sherlock:  Ravenclaw

John Watson:  Hufflepuff

Jim Moriarty:  Slytherin

Mycroft Holmes:  Slytherin

Molly Hooper:  Hufflepuff

Sherlock Holmes: Ravenclaw, he is way to blunt to be a Slytherin. 

John Watson: Gryffindor, because he has a 'saving-people-thing.'

Jim Moriarty: Slytherin. I don't think that needs an explaination. 

Greg Lestrade: Gryffindor, he has a deviousness about him, and a defiant loyal, but he has the edge and chivalry of a Gryffindor. 

Molly Hooper: Gyffindor. She has the loyalty of a Hufflepuff, but I think that she will surprise us, if she did not already. 

Sally Donovan: Hufflepuff. Umbridge Hufflepuff. 

Anderson: Ravenclaw in the shadow of Sherlock. 

Anthea: Slytherin

Irene Alder: Slytherin. She kind of reminds me of Narcissa Malfoy. 

Henry Knight: Hufflepuff. He is loyal to his father's memory. 

Sherlock Holmes: Slytherin. (Extremely ambitious and knows very well that he's smarter than everyone else in the room. Also extremely sly and cunning, as he sneaks around behind peoples' backs a lot.)

John Watson: Hufflepuff (Always loyal to Sherlock, even if he isn't exactly okay with what's going on. He'll stand up to other people, though, if he doesn't like what's going on.)

Jim Moriarty: Slytherin. (As Kat said, he's very power-hungry and does whatever it takes to get what he wants, even if it means killing and betraying people.)

Greg Lestrade: Gryffindor. (Tries to do the right thing while being compliant with the law and attempting to stay on Sherlock's good side. You need to be brave to be a police officer.)

Mycroft Holmes: Slytherin. (As many others said, he always manipulates people to get what he wants, even if it's for a good reason. Since he is a government official (and one with a high enough position to get into Baskerville without being questioned) he's probably ambitious.

Molly Hooper: Hufflepuff. (She's so loyal to Sherlock, John, and the police force. And if my predictions about season 3 were to come true, she'd be trustworthy enough for Sherlock to ask her to help him survive when he jumped off the hospital in the Reichenbach Fall) Side note: I pity her so much, Sherlock's kind of a jerk to her, especially during Christmas time in A Scandal in Belgravia. Not that I don't like Sherlock, I do, it's just he's so mean to her sometimes.

Sally Donovan: Griffyndor. (Like Lestrade, you need to be brave to be on the police force. Also she needed the courage to omit her suspicions that Sherlock was the mastermind behind all of those crimes, even if her presumptions were incorrect)

Anderson: Oh, I don't know. I guess I'll say Ravenclaw just because I don't have anyone sorted into Ravenclaw yet :)

Anthea: She was in it for such a short time, but I'd say Ravenclaw. (She seems coy and kind of flirtatious all while leading John on (for like a couple of seconds) but she'd also need to be extremely intelligent to work under/with Mycroft.)

Irene Adler: Slytherin, definitely. (She will do whatever it takes to get what she wants, like Moriarty. Except she's not a psychopath. She will manipulate anyone to get what she wants and when she realized that she actually had feelings for Sherlock, she was extremely surprised.)

Henry Knight: I'll have to say Hufflepuff. (Just like Sheena said, he's a bit like Neville, except not as awesome. He's more timid than Neville, and doesn't seem like the kind of person to stand up to his friends if they're doing something wrong.)

In my opinion-

Sherlock Holmes: Slytherin (he can be a ravenclaw but slytherin, well he's cunning and quite ambitious in wanting to be a pirate and the only consulting detective and also he has the whole Snapeish anti-hero thing)
John Watson:Gryffindor (He like danger)
Jim Moriarty:Slytherin (power hungry)
Greg Lestrade:Gryffindor (he just has a gryffindory feel about him)
Mycroft Holmes:Slytherin (Ice-man)
Molly Hooper:Huffflepuff
Sally Donovan: Gryffindor (she has that recklessness -did I spell that right?- about her)
Anthea: I have no clue
Irene Adler: Slytherin
Henry Knight: hufflepuff (he has a Nevillish feel about him, but he's not as awesome and quite a bit more timid)

In my opinion, it's:

Sherlock Holmes: Slytherin (cunning, devious, intelligent)
John Watson: Gryffindor 
Jim Moriarty: He'd go to Beauxbatons, more stylish ;)
Greg Lestrade: Gryffindor 
Mycroft Holmes: Slytherin
Molly Hooper: Hufflepuff 
Sally Donovan: Gryffindor 

Anderson: SQUIB
Anthea: Ravenclaw (Mycroft wouldn't surround himself with simpletons)
Irene Adler: Slytherin 

Sherlock Holmes:  Lannister (because he totally would know how to play the game and most people don't like him)

John Watson:  Stark
Jim Moriarty: Targaryen (he is freaking nuts)
Mycroft Holmes: Varys (to Sherlocks Tyrion)
Molly Hooper:  Stark (She is kinda like Sansa, a pawn in other peoples plans)
Irene Adler: Tyrell (She is a strong female who knows what is up like The Queen of Thorns)


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