So I've been on the ning for a while and realized something, in situations with new people, I start off as confidant, able to ask questions and not in the least bit shy. Then I'll take a knock, normally this is someone more confidant than me starts talking about something I have or want to talk about, even if it's perfectly nice.

After this I become the person who I almost always am. The guy who always has something to say, but never speaks. If asked to speak, I will talk normally, usually the truth and not just trying to avoid the question. But if I'm not specificity asked (even if appropriate) I wont speak. 

I think I do this because I fear that what I say will come out wrong, and make people feel wierd around me, however I know if another person said the same thing I was going to, it would be fine. I have a double standard of speech. I wont say hi to someone in case it's intrusive or wired, even though if they said hi to me I wouldn't find it odd at all.

Does anyone else feel like this?

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I do that all the time!

I feel like that all the time.

I do the same all the time.

I knew I couldn't be alone. I've been thinking and realised that Hank's video could be the key to overcoming this, it's the flinch! 

Yeah, i can never say anything to people i'm not as close, to unless they talk to me first! Sometimes i can come out with something, but only after hours of aganising thaught and self-confrontation and by thet time it does actually sound stupid!


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