I really don't mean to get on my soapbox again, and this is not a cry for help/advise or anything; but I just have the urge to reach out to others about something I'm going through.


Throughout my entire life, I've always skirted with being friendless but I would always have one or two quasi-friends to keep me sane. My luck ran out about three and a half years ago when my modest social life fell apart. Since then, I have officially have had no friends. To give it some persepective, I have "hung out" with people once since August 2009 (July, 2010 -and that was just going bowling with some people after work). This wasn't exactly how I planned my sophmore-senior years of college ("the best years of my life") to be like.


Can anyone relate to such a long peroid of friendlessness? It would help if I knew I wasn't alone.

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I managed to spend about 6 months in college without a social group since I had to repeat a year and my other friends moved on, it's pretty common for people

The last time that I felt like I really had a good local friend with whom I didn't have to be anyone but myself for her to like me was in 2007, when my roommate moved to the East Coast, never to return.  I haven't had so much as a date, much less a significant other in six years.  It's basically my entire adult life.


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