Do people think of you as a certain way because you are shy?

For me, a lot of people think I'm this really sweet girl who has never uttered a cuss word in her life. Really. Some people are actually shocked when I cuss in front of them. It happened just the other day, actually. But, in actuality, I am a very cynical and pessimistic person who cusses like a sailor. Still, there is some truth to this. I do like being nice to people. Mostly because I don't want to make enemies, of course...

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A few people think I'm super smart or have some hidden evil agenda. Them: It's always the QUIET ONES. Me: -facepalm- No. x.x Truth is when they get to know me I'm just this sweet/nice/helpful person who doesn't like drama or bugging people. And that I don't know everything. lol

That seems just like me!

I live in a dorm room, and there's this girl named Eliza on the floor.  I wear shirts like "I'll try to be nicer if you stop being stupid" and "C.S.I. - Can't Stand Idiots".  Whenever I wear them her eyes sort of bug out and she says she's surprised such a sweet girl is wearing such sassy shirts.  The truth is, if she actually got to know me, she would realize my shirts are a reflection of my personality. 

And yesterday I was hanging out with some friends, and a friend of a friend named Catherine.  The Entire Night she kept asking me "Are you tired?" "Are you sad?" "What's wrong?" "Why are you so quiet?"

Nothing was wrong... except maybe she was bugging the hell out of me. 

@Mia and Kelly

Same! People are always making comments like "Joy's just sitting there listening. She's probably plotting against us." Also, lots of people think I'm some super genius who knows everything, and when I get a question wrong in class they act like it's the end of the world. Sheash, no one knows EVERYTHING. Most of my class just thinks of me as a sweet, smart person who doesn't hurt a fly. Little do they know I secretly make rude comments about them in my head...


People either assume that I'm really nice, or that I'm stuck up, and I'm not talking because I think that I'm too good for them. Neither of these are particularly true. I mean, I can be nice, but most of the time, I'm told that I'm insensitive and rude (ha, whatever). But, while I might not be nice, I definitely don't think I'm too good for anyone. Usually, I don't talk to people because I'm afraid that they won't like me, not the other way around.
My sister has made it very clear to me that I come across as stuck up. But I really just don't want to deal with people. I don't think I'm better than anybody, I just don't know how to make conversation and I can't take the ackwardness that results from it.  
I think most people automaticly assume that quite people are nice, smart, and innocent. Which isn't always true...when people first meet me they think I'm really sweet and stuff, and then they get to know me and they're like 'woah.' but most people don't even try to get to no me they just ask 'why are you so quite?' and I just shrug, although I'm thinking 'because I'm socially awkward and don't know how to to talk to people.' or 'because I don't like you.'
Everyone assumes that I'm super smart and have all A's when in reality, I usually just pass by with B's and C's. In class whenever someone needed help they would just point me out and be like "Ask the smart girl!" And they'd be shocked when I'd tell them I had no clue how to do the problem either. It was embarrassing as heck.
It's actually the opposite for me. I do pretty well in school with A's, but since I dont speak up much in class people assume I'm more of a C student. I didn't realise this until I told my friend I got an A on a test and she was like "Really? I didnt know you were smart." and a bunch of others agreed... :/
Exactly! I was actually about to post the same thing and then i read yours.

This never made sense to me. If a person is shy, that means you know LESS about them. Why do people think they know so much about a person because they DON'T talk?

This happens all the time to me!

I am smart (yep, I make those straight A's everyone automatically assumes) and sweet (when I want to be). A majority of my teachers expect me to be "innocent," so I end up acting the part at school or in public places just to make them happy. However, quiet people are not always goody goody. It irks me. Everytime I cuss out of school, the classmates who don't know me make such priceless "D=" expressions, like all hell has frozen over because I said "damn" or "s**t". It also doesn't help that I'm very petite and everyone treats me like I'm some soft-spoken naive child. I'm in high school, so I wish everyone would stop treating me like I'm a 6th grader who doesn't know anything about the dark side of the world. Even my own grandparents and parents expect me to be this sweet angel because I'm quiet!

Actually, in creative writing class I wrote a poem titled "I'm an adorable little b***h." I spoke it to my class and I've never seen so many students' and teachers' jaws drop like in those old cartoons. XD My creative writing teacher who actually knows WHO I am because of my writing laughed so much from all the shocked expressions that she nearly chocked on her coffee. Honestly, where did this stereotype arise from anyway?

This is me too. I'm quiet and cheerful regardless of whether I'm happy (if that makes sense), and whenever I curse - which is often, actually, as the people very close to me know - people gape at me. And get angry, which is odd. I mean, I know I am thought of as a "nice person" and quiet and all of that but does that mean I can't ever be more passionate about things?


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