I know a few other people like this off-line, so I'm wondering if it is the case for anyone else on here.

I hate giving speeches in class.  I'm not comfortable initiating a conversation with someone I don't know.  In the cafeteria I'd rather sit by myself than at a table full of people that I only know a little bit.

But I love theatre.  In high school I auditioned for shows but never got into one until I was in a class with the director, so he knew a little bit more of what I was capable of.  But at my college, with only 1,000 students and most of them athletes, anyone with interest can be in the shows, and I have been involved in almost every single one since my freshman year.  Sure, I'm not up there in lead roles for big shows, but I really don't mind being in the background. 

When people find that out about me they always get extremely confused, and generally ask how it is that I can be so quiet all the time yet enjoy being on stage.  The best explanation I can give is that it's because I'm not myself when I'm up there.  Just like reading a book or watching a good movie, it is a way of escaping into a different reality for a little bit.  For example: last month I got to play a cruel, heartless, alcoholic and yell at my "sister" saying that I hated her and Mama.  Afterward, people actually told me they were afraid of me. I was quite proud of that accomplishment, since I'm not normally capable of giving someone a death glare!

Does anyone else here identify with that in any way?

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I love theater!  I'm sort of the same way; like, I'm really quiet in class and in a group of people, but I adore theater! :D

I'm a theatre major, and I'm probably one of the quietest people who are.  I don't act, so I don't 100% know where you're coming from, but I do stage manage--which means I spend tons of time around actors.  I think somehow that's why I like it so much, because being so quiet and introverted can get kinda overwhelming sometimes, and it's refreshing to be around a bunch of extraverts even if all I do is watch them play and perform their hearts out, it gets me out of my head.

I've always wished that I could act that way though. I imagine it would be incredibly freeing.  But I get stage fright the same if I'm telling a story to 3 people, as if I'm acting out a story to dozens. So alas, no stage time for this one.

I feel totally identify with this! I'm a really shy person but I love acting, I love pretend being someone else, expecially if it is totally different from me. Last year I played a crazy and violent woman that killed her mother and who hate everybody. I was great!

YES! I can never understand why when someone has an awkward conversation with me because I don't know them well and then asks 'Why do you do drama then?' when I explain. Drama is about being someone else not about being yourself. Slightly worryingly I also love playing the psychotic characters: they're the best.

Oh, I totally agree! Everytime I have to give a speech, I spaz out and my mind goes blank and I panik and what-not. But on stage? Well, that isn't me, is it? I don't do theater anymore, sadly, but back in school, I always participated. With role-varitations from "third Pirate" over leadingrole to one act. And everyone was always so confused, since I couldn't give a proper speech, if my life depended on it!

I certainly Do identify with that.  I too was in theatre in high school and have almost no stage fright what so ever.  I was also able to be much more outgoing when I was in theatre in general.  I just found it a lot easier to talk to people when I was in the theater and knew my surroundings very well.  Maybe it was just confidence because I knew my surrounding so well.

I did theatre too, but I did community theatre, not high school theatre.  It makes it easy for me to pretend to be someone else, but because I didn't have "theatre friends" who were otherwise outgoing, I didn't learn easy conversation offstage.  I think if I'd had a real theatre experience, life would be very different for me right now.

I used to do musical every year

I completely identify with you there. I am very shy as well and find myself to be completely comfortable on stage. It's like you're someone else so no one can judge YOU, they're just observing the you (as the character)'s life. The stage is my safe haven and I am never more happy than when I'm there, but when I'm in social situations where I don't know anyone or I am pressured to be the performer of a project because "you're the actor" my mind goes completely blank with the task at hand and is completely taken over by my illogical thoughts of how people will judge me.  I feel ya. 

That is exactly how I feel. I started performing in theatre my junior year in high school and absolutely loved it. I haven't gotten a chance to participate in college yet, though.

I'm EXACTLY the same way!

Though I think part of my love of acting/theater comes from my love of show tunes and watching plays. But yeah, I find it far easier to play a part in a show - even though I do get nervous, it's doable - than to give any kind of public speech, which usually makes me a nervous wreck for days beforehand. 


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