It boggles my mind that this group only has four people. Four people. 

The Minnesota group has well over 100 people. I just don't see how it can be possible that there are so few Nerdfighters in South Dakota, and so many in Minnesota.

I really want to raise awareness for Nerdfighters. Not necessarily just in South Dakota, but everywhere. I just don't know how. 

Do you have any ideas? :)

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This isn't an idea as much as it is adding to your point but, Minnesota's nerdfighter to normal person is approximatly 4.6 times more than south dakotas. 

Yeah, that's depressing =/

Nerdfighter notes are always a good way to spread awareness. I did them one time, not sure if they worked but it's always nice to find a note in your book.

I love the idea of putting notes in books!!!!! I wish my books came with notes in them, now everyone that buys a john green book in the 57106 area code is going to get a note in their book. Supply list- notecards, sharpie, stickers. Yay!

Leaving notes would be really cool! 

So This morning i made 35 notecards with unique messages.  35 having no other significance besides that my hands got really tired so i stopped. 


Off to barnes and nobles to drop these in some books!


Finished.  I would like to thank my brother for being my accomplice but really all he did was like yell and make it more obvious that i'm putting notes in books.  Another thing i noticed is that 35 books is alot of books.  Writing those notes reminded me of when i was young and we gave valentine cards for everyone in our class.  Except it wasn't as stressful because i didn't have to make hard decisions like whether to give samantha "tommy" or "chuckie".   And think of who was the biggest meanie and give them "angelica."   


Yes south dakota may never be a huge group but that doesn't mean we can't do great things!


By the way, how Are the posters Coming? :)

Horribly! I've basically been having my most un-creative week ever haha. 

Don't worry i'm sure you'll pull through eventually!


Haha, thanks :) I'll probably work on it aaaaalllll day tomorrow.

Yay! i can't wait to see it, pics or it didn't happen :)



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