Ok I don't think this topic has been done before, if it has I'm sorry. 

Ok being English have to say Black tea with milk is the best as I'm a complete stereotype when it comes to English people and tea.

Though been living in Czech republic for the last year and their fruit tea is very good. Also they have black tea with lemon which is amazing. 

Anyways thought I'd open this can of worms.

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I'm going to step outside the bounds of this and say Oolong. It has elements of both black and green that I enjoy. Specifically Tie Guanyin is probably my favorite. Not a fan of fruit teas at all really.
I love how you manage to find the middle ground. Fruit teas deceive you into thinking they will be really nice and sweet like their smell and they aren't unless you but a truck load of sugar in them or honey. Now fruit tea with honey is good. I'm rambling going to stop. I love tea.

I love Oolong tea. It can be rich (sometimes) but still has subtle flavors. I would say it is my definite favourite type of tea.

I drink Green Tea typically, and I like black tea alright, and I've really had much fruit but I'd probably like that.
Out of those three, green tea is definitely my personal favorite, hot or cold.
Although, just to throw it out there, I like black tea better cold and fruit tea better hot. But, that's just me. Hahaa.
Make it complicated why don't ya :P
Only a little. :P
I'm a big fan of black tea with milk as well. Concerning green tea, it's hard to go wrong, but I love it with jasmine. Fruit tea and I aren't on speaking terms, but I'm quite friendly with peppermint!
What category does peppermint come under. I missed herbal teas dang!
If we have to choose I would go with green tea. Often I find fruit tea to be too, well fruity to the point of ruining the tea. If I get to go outside the parameters of the question then I find that Peter Olson has the best response of Oolong. I might be doing it wrong in that I use no milk, or sugar or lemon. I drink all my tea (even black tea) straight.
Same here. If I'm feeling sick I'll throw a dash of honey in with some lighter greens I drink, but other than that I drink it straight all the way.
GREEN. Definitely. But I like Earl Grey about the same. I don't like much fruit or peppermint tea, and I haven't had that much black tea, but I do like it. Always without milk, though, and sometimes a teaspoon or two of sugar.


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