Ok I don't think this topic has been done before, if it has I'm sorry. 

Ok being English have to say Black tea with milk is the best as I'm a complete stereotype when it comes to English people and tea.

Though been living in Czech republic for the last year and their fruit tea is very good. Also they have black tea with lemon which is amazing. 

Anyways thought I'd open this can of worms.

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yes fruity teas are best iced.  yum yum yum 

well i have had fruity black tea and fruity green tea.  and spicy chi black tea.  i'm not big on "pure tea taste" if your looking to try somthing new try Teavana.  they have all kinds of tea and on their web sight you can shop by tea type or tea flavor.  

Earl Grey, peppermint, and black.

I dislike any kind of tea with milk in it on a basis of principle. Tea is not a beverage in which one is to add milk. Orange Black Tea is one of mankind's greatest inventions, right up there with bubble wrap and the internal combustion engine. I suppose my love of hot fruit teas stems from my immature/undiscerning palate, but I love them all. Fruit teas are best suited for the afternoon or the middle of the night. I find black tea to be best in the evening and green in the morning. Chamomile and Mint are strictly for when I am ill. White tea is a stress-reducer. I do not like chai at all.

(starts singing "Self Medicate with Tea")


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