So Twinings is my favourite brand of tea for a number of reasons, and I want to know what YOUR favourite flavour is! Personally, I like Russian Caravan...also partly because the packaging is really pretty :P

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Mine would be Earl Grey, and I am enjoying a cup right now! ;o)

Is it just me, or does Earl Grey tea smell (and subsequently taste) like flowers? A cup of it transports me to a field of sweet-smelling flowers. That's probably the best thing about it.

Yeah, no, I agree! It's awesome :) I find it very comforting.

I love Lemon & Ginger from their Fruit & Herbal Infusions Range. Really refreshes and wakes me up without the caffeine. <3

I like English Breakfast with lots of milk and sugar! And I completely agree about the Earl Grey tasting like flowers, but that is exactly the reason why it's not my favourite. This might be weird but I don't like my tea to taste too much like leaves or other plant material.

Lady Grey! Don't have a cup in front of me to verify, but if I remember right, it's got a nice citrus-y thing going on with it. Plus, as with Earl Grey, one feels so refined drinking tea with such a fancy title.

Perhaps Irish Breakfast :D

Earl Grey is lovely

Their pomegranate black tea is AMAZING. I've only had it once, though, because my grocery store doesn't usually carry it. It was delicious.

My favorite would have to be Lady Grey. I don't know if it's the caffeine (even though I'm sure all of them have it; have yet to see a caffeine-free box in the Twinings brand), but I get an overwhelming euphoric feeling; total bliss and happiness.....

But then again, maybe it is just caffeine, because then I feel completely wired for a few hours...

But it's also the only type/flavor of Twinings that does that to me so far. Hmm.

I need to go get some more.

Personally, I love Indian Spiced Chai. Yum.

I love Vanilla Chai. also Lemon Scented :)


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