For those of you have been to (or are from) many different different places, what country supplied the best tea you've ever had?


Though I'm a native New Englander, I must admit that the best cuppa I ever had was in Melbourne, Australia. It was this fantastic chai tea at a little place called Babaku (or something like that?) in the artsy part of town. Real honey and the whole nine yards!

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I'm lucky enough to have an Indian aunt who makes us curry and other treats. One day she made me homemade masala chai using like a hundred different spices and boiling the thing for me and even putting it in its own glass and it was indeed delicious. :)

Other than that, I love Chinese brown teas (oolong, bo nay) because they're light and excellent after a meal and I love green tea flavored desserts.

Something a little more unique is this "African Rooibos-Madagascar Vanilla Red Tea" I bought on sale once. I got the Celestial Seasonings box (which is an awesome company with awesome tea-it's fair trade, shipped in recycled boxes, and produced to minimize waste) and it's now one of my favorites. It's rich and full of different flavors (look at me, sounding like a coffee creamer commercial) and I usually add a bit of sugar to bring out the vanilla. I bought it at the Target down the street so it's not really "worldly" but it is different and supposedly from Africa and it's a little more exotic than your grandmama's Earl Grey. Meaning no disrespect to your grandmama. (Disclaimer: I'm a total tea-no0b, which is probably why I have such high praise for a supermarket tea.)

I'm a huge fan of oolong, preferably organic. My family is Indian, so I think that chai has become a bit common for me.


Chinese teas are very good, and I love some of what you can get in Singapore. I can't remember what it was called...Wow, I'm dumb.


The best tea I've ever had had to be supplied by...South Korea. My friend got me some when she went, and it was amazing.


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