Ok this is idea that I got today while grilling and I want to see if anyone is interested. I want to start a YouTube collab channel where all we do is discuss stuff.
Heres the way I think it can work:
•If you leave a short description of yourselves saying whatever you want about you I'll pick a group of about 10-12 people
•We'll get suggestions for discussions off of YouTube and here at the Ning and the "leader" of the week will pick 6 others to (if they want to) make a vlog about the subject
•There will be a basic order to who gets to be "the leader". They'll pick the topic, the bloggers, and theyll start out the week with a short vlog (under four minutes) on theyre views. If under four minutes is to short we can Len thing it
So that's basically it. Please tell me if you want to particapt or if you got discussion suggestion.

and as always best wishes

-Spartanite 67th

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I'm in. This sounds fun. 

My name's Robin, I'm 16, and I'm a senior in high school. I have opinions - strong opinions - but I don't always agree with them.

That was George Bush. I was...quoting George Bush there.

Anyway, I enjoy discussing/debating topics with other people, as I enjoy sharing my opinions and hearing about the opinions of other people. I don't want to be the leader, though. I'll simply react to topics other people bring up. 

Awesome! You sound perfect! Ok so I'll contact you when I get the channel up and get more people. I was a bit afraid that no one would be interested so I'm freaking out right now that someone commented back so quick. Thanks and best wishes (yes I end every comment like that).

....Must stop responding to collab group requests! 

I'm also a senior in high school and I honestly get where Bush was coming from when he said he doesn't agree with his own opinions. Granted, I'm mostly certain he was being a fool about it, but I see so many sides to the same argument it all gets muddled up anyway. I love hearing other's views on the world, and believe that the only way to truly hold a strong argument is to hear every other side, and understand where they are coming from, and still be able to see your opinion as the best. Maybe that is why I have trouble making up my mind on things. 

My input in the process is that since there will be more total people than videos, they should each briefly state their thoughts (if interested) and the leader picks from among those, and the leader can make sure every side is covered, so we don't have 5 people pushing the same side (unless everyone has a nice consensus). This would also prevent someone who has not yet formed thoughts about the topic from trying to explain them. 

Hi, I'm Lily (13) an eighth grader. I have very strong opinions, usually towards the liberal end of things. I have a hard time keeping up with politics, but I'm interested in current events. My specialty is teen books, I'm a member of an advanced reader group so I get lots of books before they're even out. I'd love to join, and perhaps contribute a book or two that relates to our discussion. For example, if we were talking about George Bush and his impact on America, I would recommend Quaking by Kathryn Erskine. It's about a girl living with a foster family  of Quakers during the Iraq war. Anyways, good luck and I hope I make the cut!

Awesome I love that Ive gotten so many positive comments. Ok I'm having trouble figuring out what the channel should be called so if I could get so suggestions that would be great.
So far the collab members are: Robin L
Phoebe Bjos
Lily Cantor
Evan Dainelson
And myself
(yeah everybody who said they'd help)
Best wishes

I think we should move this discussion off nerdfighters, so when we trade emails and decide on a password for our channel, it's private. I'll set up a wiki and share the link

group members, email me at and I'll add you to the wiki. It's private, so I need to add you if you want to access it.

Count me in with the channel :)

I'm 18 and a junior, I know your probably thinking, OMG I DON'T WANT HER SHE'S STUPID, rest assured that I only had to repeat my junior year, which I was done with except for the last two months, because I had to move since a untimely earthquake happened in a island nation in Asia. I've lived in several different countries and currently in Portland, Oregon. I do have strong opinions on some subjects, such as the Kashmir Conflict, but I don't have on others, such as capital punishment. I love discussing these things because I just do. I regularly keep up with current events but have a strong dislike for politics. I love other things and hate certain things and characteristics, such as disrespect, bad music, and prejudice and discrimination. I've wanted to make a youtube channel for a long time but never could find what I wanted to do and was too scared. Hope I made the cut :)

If you haven't yet email lily for a link to the wiki so we can discuss the channel

Lets get started soon, I have email from: Evan, Spartanight, and pheobe. I included people who were on the most recent cast list (for lack of a better word) I'd like to switch over to the wiki now, so just post stuff there.

Ok so finally line up:
Robin L
Phoebe Bjos
Lily Cantor
Evan Danielson
Laura Frorsey
Jennifer Yonn
And myself
If you haven't yet get the link to the wiki

This sounds awesome! I want in, too. :D

I'm Jenna, 17, from Austin, Texas. I'm about 7 months into a foreign exchange to Pamplona, Spain, where I've been attending high school and living with various families. Since I came here I've seen a lot of light shed not only on Spanish and European culture, but on my own country's customs and beliefs as well.

I don't tend to be very argumentative, but I put a lot of thought into my opinions and, therefore, tend to be steadfast in my beliefs. More than winning arguments, though, what I consider most important is thoughtful, respectful, productive discussion. I think the goal of a debate should be to find common ground with your "opponent" and come to a more well-rounded understanding of the subject at hand, rather than humiliating them or having the last laugh. Ego has no place in objective discussion, and when entering a debate I think that personal pride should be checked at the door.

I hope I'm the type of person you're looking for! This sounds like it would be a lot of fun.


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