Peeta is hot and all, but I am Team Seneca ALL THE WAY. He is so freaking awesome. Plus, His beard is sooo cool. Leave your reply telling who's team you are on. Only one rule: NO TEAM PEETA OR TEAM GALE. And give good reasons. I love these kinds of debates. Here are some ideas to get you started:

~Team PRIM


~Team SNOW (uggh!)

~Team CATO (soo pretty)

~Team RUE

~Team HAYMITCH (Wooo!)


~Team BOY WITH THE TOY SWORD (you know, the yellow dressed boy from the movie that Haymitch watched and probably loathed.)

So have fun and DFTBA, cause, really, who wouldn't want to be? 

P.S.- Story time! I walked up to these random younger kids at my school last week and yelled DFTBA and various other things in their faces. They were freaked out, but hey, now I know more people at my school.

Darth vader Feeds T-rexs Baby Anteaters

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Team Snow: He was not as sterotypically evil as I thought he would be like. I expected him to be kind of like Stalin but he was more subtle with the power and was able to enforce fear by giving hope that things get better but actually Snow was able to manipulate humans into doing what he wanted, which I think is genius. He is the epitome of a totalitarian dictator. Also, Snow's ability to recognize human emotions, other than fear, as a tool of manipulation is really smart of him and very not dictator-like. Snow understands emotions like a psychologist would and uses it to his own advantage. And Snow understands he cannot kill Katniss because it would start a revolution and the downfall of the Capitol. In short, I liked Snow because he used his brains to get what he wants.

Team Hunger games. I love them all!

Team Finnick!

I mean, he was awesome. He's some much needed comic relief in the books. 

“Finnick?" I say, "Maybe some trousers?" 

He looks down at his legs as if noticing his outfit for the first time. Then he whips off his hospital gown leaving him in just his underwear. "Why? Do you find this" - he strikes a ridiculously provocative pose - "distracting?" 

I can't help laughing because it's funny, and it's extra funny because it makes Boggs look so uncomfortable, and I'm happy because Finnick actually sounds like the guy I met at the Quarter Quell.

"I'm only human, Odair."

Aside from Team Finnick (the scene you quoted almost my complete favourite of the entire Hunger Games series),Team Annie (I love her so much for everything), and Team Haymitch (at first I hated Haymitch as much as everyone else, but then I realized just how cunning and in tune to the Games he was. And I kind of understood his drunkedness after "experiencing" the Games. He has to see his tributes die every year...he needed relief from all that pain. It wasn't that he was a bad's just that he had been through so much; he was losing his hold on life)...


Instead of going on and on about Team Gale and Team Peeta, I've come to the conclusion (through an awesome Nerdfighter's profile picture) that the only choice is Team Buttercup. I mean, who doesn't love Buttercup? He's smug, sophisticated, spoiled, and a cat. He's like a feline version of Augustus Waters--as dreamy as can be. :)

(by the way, I was joking about the Augustus Waters part. NO ONE can be anything NEAR Augustus Waters).


As little as we know about Mags, I feel that she was one of the more subtle, but remarkable characters.

I remember quite well the scene where she plunged into the death fog in a heroic act to save Katniss, Peeta, and Finnick.

Also we got that weird mentor-student relationship between Mags and Finnick that I wished was expanded upon a little bit.

And I love that she was so quiet, after the arduous years of living in Panem and surviving the Hunger Games and watching her mentees die in the arena, she still has her composure, even though she babbles every time she talks.

And the way Katniss saw how she died, "falling to the ground in a horrible dance," I thought it was poignant and surreal and I loved it but I was immensely sad about it.

Yes. Finally. Someone who loves Mags as much as I do. I really hate it, but she kind of lost the focus I'd had on her once I'd gotten to Mockingjay...but she was amazing. And her death is definitely on the top three of my favourite parts of Catching Fire.

This. Is. GREAT. I honestly didn't think anybody would reply, but here we are, a couple of days in, and already some awesomely fantabulous replies from some great people. Thanks Y'all!

we are nerdfighters after all :)

Whenever we're asked if we are team Peeta or Team Gale, my friends and I ALWAYS reply that we are team Finnick. :)

Team Mags. In Catching Fire, Mags shows a lot of compassion. She takes Annies' place at the reapings and sacrifices herself during the games so that Finnick could go further and escape the toxic gas in the arena. I'm team Mags all the way.

1. Team Finnick (I love the scene that Alicia quoted, as well as just...Finnick, always)

2 (or, you know, 1.5. Or just a tie 1). Team Cinna ("I'm still betting on you." I was in denial until I was about a hundred pages from the end of Mockingjay and realised that it was really unlikely for a 'You should never trust hearsay, they were wrong' moment to happen that close to the end)

3. Team Haymitch (I love how similar he and Katniss are and how much they understand each other)

Team RUE. She was so sweet, and she died such a horrible death. She was always helping Katnip when she needed a friend. Her song still lived on even when she died.


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