I feel terrible almost all of the time, but sometimes I feel absolutely ecstatic. I am worrying all the time about something, and I think I'm starting to get paranoid and think that nobody enjoys my company. I don't know if it's because I just started highschool, because I felt like this quite a bit in middle school... but I was just wondering if any of you guys have ever felt like this?

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Oh don't be sorry. I honestly have no idea what this is and any ideas help.

I have a friend who has been diagnosed with depression. Funny thing is though, she can be crazily happy and amazing and O.o... but every so often, she randomly turns sad and angry at everything, and lots of people lose patience and just yell at her to grow up and stop being such an emo. I try to keep my head, and remember that it will blow over, but it happeed more and more often. she' now taking antidepressants once a fortnight, but still seems to be a bit crazy.

I've come to love her for it, and despite it sometimes actually getting to the point that it's terrifying, i think that that's honestly just how her mind works. she is irrational, spontaneous, and wonderfully unpredictable.

i guess i'm just saying that if that's the sort of thing you feel, just remember that you will have friends who don't mind that. it's who you are, so express yourself however you wish. just try to think of others when you do. :)

heh, trust me, that emo part is not a part of someone's character. it's definitely abnormal and the person who has it usually doesn't think that it is normal. Sometimes, yes, it is just part of your character but it is more likely to be something to be resolved.
This is exactly how I am. If it really worries you, talk to someone. It probably won't get that bad (mine did but you're a different person).

Man, I'm sorry about that. It really sucks.

If you don't mind, how do you deal with it?

i feel the same and wondered the same thing, your not alone, not that that statement helps, at all, but, i try to lose myself in music, books, drawing, anything that bring me enjoyment, book in particular, get lost in the fictional worlds of books, its a real good cure. or go hang with friends, or focus on school (its a good thing, i dont do it, but if it works for you go for it, its really productive so,.... my attention span is short, but ummm did i say attention span? i ment intelligence, burst of intelligence

Well the mood shifting thing might be early signs of Bipolar Disorder. But I don't wanna upset you out of nothing, so it would probably be a good idea to just talk to a therapist or someone who knows about the matter.

I went through what you're going through, my depression started in 8th grade and went through all of high school, at the end of senior year i finally got help and was diagnosed with moderate major depression, i was given some meds and it has really helped out. I never talked or wrote about how i felt so that didn't help me, just talk to someone so you will have fun in high school unlike i did.

I am a junior in highschool and it sounds a lot like what I have which is generalized anxiety disorder with depressive symtoms. It is common among the nerdier community because we are more curious and aware of the world at such a young age. This disorder is defined by heightened worry, sensitivity, and lonliness. I was just recently diagnosed and the treatment I am receiving is called cognitive behavioral therapy which is a combintion of talk therapy and coping techniques. Do these symtoms match what you are having?

Check out, it should really help you out with symptoms and such!


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