Hey y'all!

A brain crack of mine lately has been to make an European collab channel. This would mean 5 different people from different countries (5 different cool accents) Personally I don't find it fair that almost all well known channels are made of Americans (okay, British people too). I think it would be a great way to meet new nerdfighters, learn about other cultures (I have had to explain that Denmark is, in fact, a real country one too many times) improve English/learn about other languages, and also have fun. and yes, this is not a new idea, I know.

If you're interested just fill in the questioner bellow (:


I hope someone will find the idea cool.

also, sorry for any grammatical mistakes




Name: Amalie (like Amelia, just spelled the Danish way)

Age: 16
country: Denmark
any hobbies: I'm a girl scout and internet nerd
groovy stuff you like: YouTube, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Nerdfighteria, animal hats, cool jumpers, and other thinks I don’t remember at this moment
anything else: Toy Story 2 is my favourite movie, my school back is shaped like wall E, I've been speaking English for about a year now, after the summer I am moving to Italy

Your deal on YouTube: Made a P4A video that got featured, planning to make more after exams, been watching videos since 2006

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Name: Alex
Age: 16
Country: UK (England)
Hobbies: guitar, ukulele, video games and soon to be making videos
Groovy stuff: Sherlock, doctor who, merkin, Harry potter, hunger games, hats, skinny jeans
Anything else: wall-e is my favourite film, I am shy in person but can talk freely on the Internet
YouTube: made about 5 previous videos but will be starting again in a week when my exams are finished :D


Name: Cecília, but you can call me Lia.

Age: 14 (almost 15)
country: Portugal
any hobbies: Books, music and the INTERNETSS
groovy stuff you like: YouTube, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Nerdfighteria, A song of Ice and Fire, Tumblr, Rock music and Indie music (I swear I'm not a hipster)
anything else: I've really wanted to be in a collab channel and this seems like a cool one, so yeah! 

Your deal on YouTube: I've been watching videos for a very long time but I only just started my own channel in February this year. My username is LiaAwesomeness.

Pleeeeease chose me I swear I'm not a psycho (well, not most of the times).

Name: Mikaela
Age: 15 until September
Country: Ireland
Hobbies: Internet (obviously), reading, listening to music.. Just the usual stuff. :)
Groovy stuffs: Harry Potter, Sherlock, Miranda, Nerdfighteria, Converse and lots of other things!
Anything else: I have also lived in Scotland and England so my accent is slightly odd, I think anyway. Twitch is my nickname and also Miki. I'm painfully shy and.... Yeah. That's all I can think of right now.
My deal on YouTube: Made a 10 second video when I was bored once. And have been watching them since 2009/2010. I can't remember exactly.

That's about it, really. DFTBA

Name: Leah

age: 14

country: Australia (obviously not european, but I guess to other people I would have an accent)

any hobbies: reading, watching movies/youtube videos, guitar, eating pizza, ukulele, basketball, making videos

groovy stuff: I kinda have a massive obsession with pretty much anything/anyone from England... knee high socks, bow ties, tutus

anything else: I have a unicorn pillow pet... and Ed Sheeran's voice is perfection.

Your deal on Youtube: I've made quite a few videos but deleted alot of them not so long ago, I have a few videos on my channel ( but when school holidays start in a couple of weeks I plan on doing some more videos :)

I think it'd be really cool to be in the collab so yeah pick me (: DFTBA!


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