Hey guys!

I'm Yida, and I live in Melbourne, and currently, I'm 16. 

As cool as living in Australia is, there is sooooo many more single sex schools (supposable helping our education), compared to the American schools. Ignoring how fabulous our education system is (O.O) with single-sex schools, it so much harder to chat to the opposite sex. For example, I go to a private girls school, and we are expected to find formal partners by the end of this year, but I barely even talk to the males, never the less find a formal partner. 

I know a lot of schools, have brother schools or sister schools, but my school is so small, that we don't have any 'sibling' schools, so I can't get connect with someone from there.

My friends are in similar situations, but they have kind of found some sort of person to take, like my of my besties, are taking a badminton partner. 

Other girls in my year level are taking people they know from friends, and brother's friends, and people they some how have contact with.

So, I was hoping with the intelligence of the teen nerdfighters, to solve my mighty question of;

How do I find my formal partner?

also, I think it would be super duper cute if teens could mingle here, and if you guys live in the same state, and would be happy to take each other, that would be fabulous!



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Do you have any family friends who are guys close to your age?  Or friends from your church (or other place of worship?)

Or even a cousin who lives close by?

You could always bring one of them as your partner.  Then you'd feel comfortable around them :)


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