Anyone want to do a group vlog thingy on youtube. I'm new to nerd fighting but the idea of having collab channel sounds fun :D
Any takers? :)

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Can I do it?


Yeah! Sounds good. When do you want to do it?
I don't mind and what should we be called?
Not a clue.... uhhh 4 girls and a vlog? 4 girls 4 awesome?........ 4 girls? :L
Fourgirlsforawesome could work... I dunno :P

i like FiveGirlsFiveMin. So like a 5 min blog?


I think it might be fun. I might like to do it, how would it be organized?
cool! I think I'd do it. I'll try and help think of a name

Sounds fun!


Sorry wasn't here when most of you were... forgot about time difference

Okay so we have seven girls for seven days. Now we need a name...
I don't mind :)  I can't think of a name, but can I have Thursday please? DFTBA
I'd like Friday, If that's alright.

Hmmmm rules.... we could start with a few and add some as we progress. Though i'm stuck as to what to start with....


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