Anyone want to do a group vlog thingy on youtube. I'm new to nerd fighting but the idea of having collab channel sounds fun :D
Any takers? :)

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I'll do the sauce sandwich thing because it'll tie in with the food theme :)
I'm jealous! I wanted a Pottermore account x.x
Ahhhh! You're so lucky!!! :o
I wanna be a Gryffindor :D
Yay for Griffindor!! I want to be a Hufflepuff, but there's a side of me that thinks I'll be a Ravenclaw. I don't think I'm a Griffindor or a Slytherin though :)
Yeah, I don't mind which house I'm in particularly but I'm guessing I won't be in Griffindor or Slytherin just based on all the other quizzes I've taken I was quite a long way off being in either house :)
I don't think I'll be dissapointed/upset because I suppose whichever house I get sorted into will be MY house that JK Rowling thinks I'd suit as opposed to some random house that I guess I'm most similar to :)


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