(Oh my goodness I think this is becoming an epidemic or something guys.)


So the usual: I've been really interested in vlogging for a long time, but the idea of doing it on my own really scares me. Also, it'd be really cool to meet some of you made-of-awesome people.

We'd have one video a day, with each person assigned to a particular day, etc., etc., you get it.

If you're interested, just comment with a day you'd like to post a video on, and maybe a little something about yourself.

My name's Audrey, I'm 15, and live in Canada. I like reading and writing and watching a variety of very nerdy TV shows.

OH YEAH, if you have no video/vlogging experience whatsoever, that's totally fine, because I sure don't!

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I would love to be involved in this! My name's Indira and i'm 15. I live half of the year in Massachusetts and half the year in new york. I love harry potter, doctor who, and sherlock. I've also never vlogged before :P

Yay! Any particular day you're interested in?

Yes! I would freaking love to be a part of this. I am also 15, live in New Mexico, and I really like to read. I'm a huge Harry Potter nerd, and so yes! Um, more randomeness? I like to make collages, and write in journals. And I also don't have any vlogging experience, but would looove to! 

Also, I could pretty much do any day of the week EXCEPT Thursday. I am so busy every week becuase my school is on "block chedule", so I have only 4 classes everyday, except on Friday; and so Thursday, I am always scrambling to get all of my homework done. So yeah. I've just sat here and rambled for a while, so I'll quit now. And actually finish said homework, especially now that it's 9pm... 

Any day except Thursday, awesome! Look forward to vlogging with you!

I would love To help out too , I'm Tyler, 16 and live in Florida I love everything nerdy and am obsessed with the internet, I've never vlogged before and I could take any day of the week

Welcome abord!

i sorta would like to, it sounds fun, I'm Shai, and im also 15 (lots of 15 year olds ^^) and I'm in colorado


Hey Shai, welcome!

thanks! friday would be awesome for me since i dont have school that day! and one question...... is this through youtube or what? because i can totally do youtube if needed or anything really

Yes, this would be through YouTube. :)

Oh, would you mind Thursday or Sunday? It appears that Tyler has already snagged Friday...

sunday sounds swell!!!! :) and so do we just upload our videos to our page or is there a specific page we put them on? sorry bout all the questions



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