I Need Help Nerdfighters!
Hey nerdfighters! I'm an upcoming sophomore in highschool and I'm taking an interview to see if I qualify for sophomore council! Unfortunately, they can only accept 1/4 of the applications and I'm frakkin nervous...
So the interview will contain a series of questions concerning why I want to be on council etc.
and i have NO IDEA how to make myself sound like a person they would want to elect D:

I'm also asked to showcase a talent I can bring onto sophomore council by showcasing what you I do (freestyle rap, mix dubstep, bring in an art portfolio etc.) and I have NO IDEA once again how to impress the interviewers!!! Just for you guys to know the interviewers are fellow students.

So NERDFIGHTERS i need your helpp!!!! If you can pleasee leave any suggestions with how to showcase a talent and sound charismatic! I APPRECIATE EVERY SINGLE SUGGESTION AND THANK YOU AHEAD OF TIME


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Well... Before I say anything else, I'm going to state the obvious.


Seriously, that's all you really need to know. But I know how lame of an answer that can be sometimes, so...

1. Smile. This is actually way more important than you think it might be. I mean, don't smile in a creepy or fake way, obviously. Just act like you're happy to be interviewed. (Even if you're really not. Sorry about that.)

2. Be polite and professional to everyone, even if they're just your peers. This will show them that you will keep a cool head and act professionally when you are on the council. If you're not sure how to act "professional", just stick to basic etiquette.

3. Don't fidget. If you're obviously distracted, the interviewers will notice and may get the feeling that you don't care or aren't really interested. If you want to get in to council this badly, please, DON'T fidget or get distracted! Staying focused is key.

4. As for your talent, ask yourself, "Well, what ARE my talents?" Generally speaking, a talent is something specific or unusual that you're really, really good at. It's different than a hobby, which you might love doing but aren't that great at it. So choose a talent that you feel expresses who you are as a person. Ideally, it should be something more practical that you could actually use on council (although, since I don't know what kind of jobs or duties sophomore council has at your school, I can't exactly give you an example. But I'm sure you can figure it out). If all else fails, do something completely out of the ordinary!

5. And remember to smile, say thank you, and shake their hands afterward.

I hope these tips helped you, and GOOD LUCK! :D

Being nerdfighter, I empathize. As I am also trying to beat out two fellow grade 10's in the presidential campaign. As they are running as president and vice. They are both (I cringe here) preps, and everyone and I mean everyone either hates student council, or just doesn't care. It's hard when the running vice prez says that you can't critique them because you aren't in student council. That really irked me since the student council should represent the students, which they aren't doing now. So my campaign is to give students a voice and to listen and be level headed with decisions. 

Our school council has extra money from past years and spent it on two electric signs that are 40cm long and 10cm tall and one never works. The signs show the "latest" advertisements for student council events, but one never is on and the other just shows old messages that are at least 2 weeks old. So I won't waste money on stupid signs. 

Good luck! I need advice on getting over shyness in front of crowds since I'll have to make a speech. But I have lots of support since people don't like/want my opponents to win. 

Thanks everyone! See I'm confident in my abilty to amswer the quesions now :) u guys are amazing
My one problem now is what i have to present or demonstrate to the interviewers to impress them
They want us to give a demonstration or give an example of a work of our talent but seeing as some kids are funna be doing things like freestyle rapping  or bringing in SUPER GOOd artwork that wood take me 5 hours to trace the first part of..etc. I need something that will REALLY stand out
Something witty or clever that they will remember when picking the members
Any suggestions?

I apologize for the bad spelling... for i was using my iPhone
but yea Nerdfighters! I need suggestions! Thanks! :D 

Don't sweat this!  The focus is on you.  This interview is meant to showcase who you are and your talents.  All you can do is do what you do best.  Be relaxed and just enjoy yourself.  Best of luck! :)


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