After seeing everyone introduce themselves on the group page I decided that we needed a place for everyone to introduce themselves and get to know those in the group. I guess I'll start :)

My name is Indira Sanchez, I 'm currently 16 years old, and I am from New York. I like a lot of things, but I absolutely love Harry Potter (I proudly represent the lion), Doctor Who, Merlin, Final Fantasy, and Pokemon. I go to a boarding school in the vast wilderness commonly known as Massachusetts. My life is my computer, or more specifically the internet (especially since it allows me to connect with nerdfighters like you)! I love to read but regrettably I consider myself a terrible writer. I'm really into music and I would love to be a "famous" musician some day. Don't be afraid to talk to me, I love making new friends.

Goodbye and DFTBA :)

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Hey.  My name is Katherine Grant and I am currently (as of this month!) 15.  I like to act.  And sing.  And dance.  And play a variety of instruments.  We're about to start rehearsals for AIDA at school.  I'm just in the chorus but still FUN.  I want to be an actress, musician, or film director when I grow up.  Can I just be all three?  Can I throw author in there too?  Probably not but it's nice to dream isn't it?  I am American, but my maternal grandparents are Lithuanian and my paternal grandparents are Scottish.   I like Doctor Who, Merlin, Legend of Zelda, and any and all things Star Wars.  I live in the giant cornfield known as Southwestern Indiana, well it's not a cornfield right now because it's February, and not every field has corn, the farmers rotate corn and soybeans every year, and oh my gosh I just realized how much I actually learned during 4H last year.  Right now I'm reading the collective works of Edgar Allan Poe.  

Hello! :) My name is Allie, and I really want to be more active in the nerdfighter community. I live in New York (state, though hopefully at some point in my life, the city). I love Doctor Who, Merlin (though I haven't started Sherlock), Harry Potter (HUFFLEPUFF PRIDE-kind of-usually-on a good day), Hunger Games, Pink Martini (SO MANY AWESOME SONGS, I CAN'T EVEN), the entire concept of Nerdfighteria, my four best friends (of whom one if a nerdfighter. But we don't talk about it much. We usually just make subtly references to each other. Like interrupting each others' conversations with " edge"), and I could go on for a long time.

I really want to meet more nerdfighters (maybe one day have a nerdfighter penpal even!), so please don't by shy and message me :).

Forgot to add that I'm fifteen and a sophmore in high school. -.- This is why I'm bad at the interwebs. XD

I have no idea what to say! (Wonderful thing to say first hand. Great, now I feel like I"m standing in front of a class room) 

   -starts shaking- Uh, Hello. . .I'm Charlotte Red, but you may call me Soul (Since everyone I know calls me that online). Well, I'm an artist, or at least I hope to be, I also hope to be a writer and grow another few inches (That last one is a bit of pipe dream). I am a anime otaku and I am a very new nerdfighter (only found out about nerdfighting a few weeks ago). 

   I believe strongly that I might be a leprechaun, no, I AM a leprechaun, but I have somehow misplaced my gold. I'm still searching for it (if you have found any gold please message me. It might be mine). I'm about 5 foot, I have short red hair, and I'm skinny. . .most say I look younger than 16, but believe me, I am that old (or so I was told by the people I call Mother and Father). 

   I hope to get along with everyone ^_^ -quickly walks back to seat and sits down-

Hi! My name is Ashley Dyches. I recently moved to Missouri (from Hawaii). I am 13 years old, and I am in the 8th grade. I am going to LeakyCon this year. I love Harry Potter (obviously), Pokemon, reading, Doctor Who, Star Wars, and other awesome stuff. I play the piano but I am not the next Beethoven, sadly. I just started a YouTube channel, but I have only one video on it. I am a really awkward person over the internet, so I hope to make some friends. And maybe at LeakyCon I will have people to hang out with. 

And yeah.. People should talk me because I am a lonely Nerdfighter c:

Hi my name is Maya. I live in Texas. I live in a small town.  I go to a small high school. I'm a freshman. I love to read and to listen to music. I would love to make friends with other nerdfighters. :)

(Sorry my introduction so small, i'm still trying to get use to the ning.)

Goodmorning, I'm Daniel. I'm 16 years old. I'm addicted to gaming and the most awesome tv serie, called Bobobo-bo b-bobo. :) I love it! Oh, and, I'm Dutch.

Hi! My name's Marta but most of my friends call me Frookie. I live in the sunny south of Spain by the sea, so yeah I spend a lot of time reading in the beach, I like the waves sound. I love reading, I had always carried a book under my arm as far as I remenber. I love reading dystopiass,chick-lit and thriller. My favorite books at the moment are Harry Potter,Divergent,Ford County and TFiOS. I also love watching movies, my favorites are Inception and The Social Network. 

I absolutly love 80's stuff, music ,fashion, anything. I love ghostbusters and back to the future.

My music taste is kinda weird I love Simple Plan,The Beatles,Sum 41,Panic! at the disco,James Blunt....

I would like to make some nerd friends and I don't know we could share awesome together.

Have a truly nice day ;)

Greetings! My name is Tom Harrison, and I'm 14 years old (soon to be 15). Where can I start... I am a massive Doctor Who fan, but I also love Sherlock and Firefly. I love reading and movies and all that, but my real passion is music. I am a competent trumpet player (going for AMEB Grade 6 this year) and I specialise in Jazz and Classical. I also am proficient in guitar, ukulele, the irish pennywhistle and melodica. I study theory and compose pieces often. I spend too long on the internet, I make the worst possible puns (hey, it's a skill), I act, love the outdoors and yeah. That's all. DFTBA, guys!

Hi nerdfighters! I'm Patricia and I'm 16. I'm relatively new to nerdfighteria and also really new to this site. I play the flute and I really, really love classical music (to the extent where I could listen to Mozart every day of my life and be totally happy). Who else plays a musical instrument?? 

Hey there guys!!! I'm Rachael and I'm 14 at the time of writing. The one thing that REALLY REALLY REALLY annoys me about myself is when people forget to put the extra 'a' in my name. IT'S THERE, TAKE NOTICE OF IT!!!!!!!!!!! I'm in S3, in Scotland, and I play the tenor horn. My absolute passions are singing, acting and writing. I put up a chapter plan of a novel I'm hoping to write on Your Pants, go check it out if you want. I love Doctor Who, Sherlock, CSI (sorry Hank!!) and The Simpsons. I'm a bit of a classical novel freak, as I'm re-reading Jane Eyre for the third time and I read Villette in the October holidays. I'm hoping to (maybe) get some nerdfighter pen pals and I am certain to say to anyone who did something stupid, "You jet got Edgar Allen PWNED!!!!!!!!!!!"

DFTBA, my friends.

I am Karewa, a 17 year old girl. I live in New Zealand out in the country, which sucks because there's nothing to do. Although, it is very scenic. I don't believe in following fashion trends and I have a terrible haircut, but who cares. I like Dr Who, Sherlock, Lexx, tumblr, youtube, listening to music (almost anything). This year I decided to say, 'Oh, what the hell,' and study drama and music at school. I am a lazy aspiring writer, interested in vlogging (but I don't have a camera) and possibly making music (though I can't really play anything). I've started googling for witty quotes.

Okay... people -many people- think I look Asian. I'm not. I like dyeing my hair red and I wear glasses. I am currently reading A Clockwork Orange (the one with the whole 21 chapters).



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