After seeing everyone introduce themselves on the group page I decided that we needed a place for everyone to introduce themselves and get to know those in the group. I guess I'll start :)

My name is Indira Sanchez, I 'm currently 16 years old, and I am from New York. I like a lot of things, but I absolutely love Harry Potter (I proudly represent the lion), Doctor Who, Merlin, Final Fantasy, and Pokemon. I go to a boarding school in the vast wilderness commonly known as Massachusetts. My life is my computer, or more specifically the internet (especially since it allows me to connect with nerdfighters like you)! I love to read but regrettably I consider myself a terrible writer. I'm really into music and I would love to be a "famous" musician some day. Don't be afraid to talk to me, I love making new friends.

Goodbye and DFTBA :)

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Hey there guys!!! I'm Rachael and I'm 14 at the time of writing. The one thing that REALLY REALLY REALLY annoys me about myself is when people forget to put the extra 'a' in my name. IT'S THERE, TAKE NOTICE OF IT!!!!!!!!!!! I'm in S3, in Scotland, and I play the tenor horn. My absolute passions are singing, acting and writing. I put up a chapter plan of a novel I'm hoping to write on Your Pants, go check it out if you want. I love Doctor Who, Sherlock, CSI (sorry Hank!!) and The Simpsons. I'm a bit of a classical novel freak, as I'm re-reading Jane Eyre for the third time and I read Villette in the October holidays. I'm hoping to (maybe) get some nerdfighter pen pals and I am certain to say to anyone who did something stupid, "You jet got Edgar Allen PWNED!!!!!!!!!!!"

DFTBA, my friends.

I am Karewa, a 17 year old girl. I live in New Zealand out in the country, which sucks because there's nothing to do. Although, it is very scenic. I don't believe in following fashion trends and I have a terrible haircut, but who cares. I like Dr Who, Sherlock, Lexx, tumblr, youtube, listening to music (almost anything). This year I decided to say, 'Oh, what the hell,' and study drama and music at school. I am a lazy aspiring writer, interested in vlogging (but I don't have a camera) and possibly making music (though I can't really play anything). I've started googling for witty quotes.

Okay... people -many people- think I look Asian. I'm not. I like dyeing my hair red and I wear glasses. I am currently reading A Clockwork Orange (the one with the whole 21 chapters).


Hello there everyone!

My name is Krissy. Actually, It's Kristian, but most of the time people just call me Krissy. I prefer Krissy because people realize I am a girl. Anyways, I am 16 years old! I live in Kentucky. However, my city is on the very very northern tip, so I practically live in Ohio. I look out my window and see the Cincinnati Skyline.

I love a multitude of things. I love Harry Potter, pop punk, reading books that change your life, writing, and tea. Those pretty much sums up me as a person. I want to be a writer. I have this crazy fantasy of going to Columbia for college and becoming this wonderful writer and publishing a lot of books. 

Hello! I'm Helen, I'm currently 15 and relatively new to the ning, but have been a Nerdfighter since I was BORN. I live in England with my mum, dad, sister and two dogs. I really love reading and (occasionally) writing (eventhough I'm no good at it). My favourite films are Inception and the X-men series. I like rock music and most of its sub-genres. I really enjoy my English and Science classes and can't wait to get into college (181 days, approximately!). I go through phases of "I'll do some exercise", "I'll learn the guitar" and "I'll learn a new language", but I never get very far into it because of my exams (a likely excuse!). I would love to be a writer or some sort of columnist when I'm older. I also really want to vlog, but I don't have any editing software and I'm still stuck with Windows XP. I have a Twitter:!/HJClegg_96 (shameless self promotion, I know) but I don't really use it that often.

So yeah, this is me.


Hi! I'm a teenage Nerdfihghter, called Dave. I'm 17, cancer survivor, writer-ish, internet dweller and all-round general person. I write, play and listen to music and dwell on the internet.

I'm Madeline, I'm 13 and I'm from Vancouver :). I LOVE music and I have an obsession with Tumblr, Sherlock, and Nerdfighteria. My favourite musicians are Ed Sheeran, The Beatles, My Chemical Romance, and Neutral Milk Hotel. A lot of people call me "hipster" but I don't really care what people label me as. I really want to meet more nerdfighters IRL but I can't seem to find many, message me if you live in or around the Greater Vancouver area. I have brown hair and blue eyes, I'm 5'6" and weigh 115 lbs, I usually come off as fairly shy but if you get to know me I'm really loud and slightly psychotic. DFTBA.

Its a Madeline! I'm a Madeleine myself!

Hi!! I'm Luna, I'm 15 years old. I am a major Potterhead, but none of my real life friends like Harry Potter so as a result I spend hours on the internet doing as much Potter related stuff as I can. I also love The Hunger Games and I'm extremely anti-Twilight (I could spend hours ranting about how much I hate it.)  I very new to the nerdfighter community; I got into it through John Green's book Looking for Alaska, which I now consider my 11th favorite book (after HP and THG.) I would love to have a nerdfighter pen-(well e-mail)pal so I could talk to someone about nerdy things that my real life friends aren't awesome enough to discuss with me:)  

We're basically the same person. Nice to meet you, I'm Caroline. :) (14)

Haha yay:) I love meeting other people who I can talk about nerdy things with:) DFTBA

I can't remember if I introduced myself or not... Sorry if I have.

I'm Millie but everyone calls me Pi and, I'm a friendly Slytherin who's pretty boring. I'm blonde, short and clumsy as all hell; logically, I prefer inside by default... Although, I love camping. I'm from Norwich in the UK, the best city ever in the home county of Stephen Fry. I love visiting the comic shop in Norwich and loafing in the library and at the university... even though I don't go to university :P

I like being enlightened and discussing what I've learnt. I've just left school but, I'm going to Sixth Form in September so I'm cramming in everything I want to do into this holiday.

I'm from Norwich in the UK, the best city ever in the home county of Stephen Fry. I love visiting the comic shop in Norwich and loafing in the library and at the university... even though I don't go to university :P

I like games in the car, on table tops and boards; role-playing is awesome.

My favourite television shows are: Spaced, Black Books, The IT Crowd, Sherlock Holmes and Sherlock

and, the best film ever is Shaun of the Dead. 

I'm a Tripod fan-girl and a Feeter... if you understand that sentence you are awesome, probably.

I blog and, film vlogs that never get posted; I proudly call myself an Internet Connoisseur.

Currently I am starting a project called the Project of Doom; trying to complete my anthology and find a publisher (unlikely;) reading Catching Fire, Frankenstein and Fahrenheit 451. 

I like postcrossing and would love a pen-pal.

I'm looking for Nerdfighter friends in Norwich + Dereham.

I could probably tell you more and, more interesting things too but, I hate talking about myself.

DFTBA and best wishes, Pi x 

Okay... My name is Maddy Macmaster, 14 years, from Palmerston North, New Zealand. I love Artemis Fowl, manga (Bleach/fruits basket) Hunger Games, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters, Doctor Who, Sherlock Holmes, everyone/thing British. I live in cyberspace, returning to rl for meals. I play the bass guitar and the double bass.

DFTBA, I'm out.


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