Hello, my name is Carolina, I'm from Portugal, I'm 15 years old and I'd really love a pen-pal (email, written letters, snail mail,...) from anywhere around the world.

I like history, reading (some of my favorite books include Anne Frank's Diary, Looking For Alaska, The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole at Age 13 and 3/4, The Tunnels Series and The Stravaganza series), blogging, taking pictures, listening to music (from classical to punk, from jazz to old pop), and just learning about life and such.


If you would like to be my penpal, please leave a comment below, or something like that :)


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I would definitely be interested.  My name is Klestecyca and I am from the United States.  I love reading and science.  My favorite type of music is rock.  Hopefully this pen-pal thing will work out!
Hi Klestecyca, it's nice too meet you :) Could you please message me your email so I can start writing my letter to you? I also hope this will work out. Thank you for responding by the way.

I am very sorry I did not reply to this sooner.  :(  How should I get in contact with you?  Are you still interested in being pen-pals?  (I wouldn't let this much time lapse again!)  Sorry again,

I'd like to! I've read most of the books on that list and I agree, I love Adrian Mole! I liked the sequel a bit less I fear.

I would love to talk to you, I'm from America but I am Korean.

Hello awesome person, it's good to meet you. Yeah, I too prefer the first Adrian Mole book, but I think the other ones are fun to read too.

Message me your email so I can start writing my letter to you :)


Hi! I know it's sorta random, but I've always wanted to go to Portugal! And guess what? I love history and blogging too! ;P

I'm Camille and I'm a 15 years old from California (the boring part of it anyways). I haven't read The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, but I'll be sure the check it out. I listen to almost every, except the hard core "gangsta rap" which kinda scares me. Mostly I just like weird baroque and depressing folk songs (Sad is happy for deep people!). I can't believe I didn't see your post sooner but I'd love to be pen pals! :)


Olá Carolina, chamo-me Cecília e és a primeira nerdfighter portuguesa que encontrei. Yay! 

...Can we be friends? Pweeease?

I would love to be your pen pal!  My name is Ellen and I am also from the USA.  I am a writer who's having a love affair with biology.  Haha!  I will read and listen to just about anything.  I hope you haven't had so many responses that you're overwhelmed.


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