Since people don't want to be constantly spammed with emails, here's the continuation of the Q&A thing. So the rule is answer the topmost or one of them near the top question and leave a question for the next person. Let the games begin! Q: Morning or night? and DFTBA everyone!

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It's a non-functional window. And probably a very depressed one, seeing as painting over it would take away it's purpose. Of course that's running off the assumption that windows are self aware, which they probably aren't, now that I think about it.

If pigs could fly, how much could I realistically charge people to take 20 minute rides around town?

$50 bucks.

Weeping Angels or Daleks?

Weeping Angles.

Favourite John Green quote?

"Religion is essentially a response to revelation; and that revelation almost always calls us to embrace meaning or, if it doesn't innately exist, then to create meaning." 


Favorite paradox?

The double liar paradox (Jourdain's paradox)


Favorite Hank Green quote?

"Do not be afraid to try! I know failing stings a lot less if you don't try as hard, but its also much more likely."

Aww :( I wanted to continue, but there was no question...


Favorite way to annoy people?

 A: Singing at the top of my lungs.

Q: Worst female name?

The name Gertrude has always annoyed me.

If you were to have kids, what you want to name them?

A: Something that you could shorten to fit better. I'm a fan of Rosemary and Miranda. As for boys, I like William and Alexander. I think that shortening Alexander to Xander is really cool. It is totally not because of Buffy, why would you ever suggest that?

Q: If you could choose one genre of narrative for your life to be, which one would you want?


Youtube Links!

Here are some YT links to channels related to Nerdfighteria and educational content!

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