What are you joining this year?

I don't really like sports but I'am Doing Track(Mostly field) and Leadership Club.
[EDIT] I'am Doing Hiking Club too! :D

[EDIT 2.0] Ive decided to do Key club too (: 

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JCL (Junior Classical Leage)
What exactly is that? :P
it's basically a lati/myth club. it's alot of fun and at my school we sometime get to sword fight with pool noodles

I'm in JCL too! I'm actually president of my chapter


Dude!!! ANOTHER Latin Nerdfighter! Have you joined the Latin group on here yet? Anyway, sorry, and Salve! I'm Jeremy, and I'm 15 and live in Georgia. Besides Latin, I love things like Harry Potter (self-declared Ravenclaw) mythology (mostly Graeco-Roman, but Norse and Celtic as well), Biology, Chemistry, reading, video gaming, track and field, and much more! If you want to talk to me more, add me as a friend or email me at .

oh my joshhh, is there a latin group!?? i sooo have to join it!! i've been studying latin since i was 9!!!!!! XD XD XD

Amo linguam latinam! I'm thinking njcl group...yes?!?
Latin nerds saxa, hehe it means rock in Latin! Amo linguam latinam semper!
I may join writing club and student council but I'm not quite sure yet. :)
i'm in theatre and that's about it
YAY! THEATER BUD! DFTBA :) I also am in Poets and Writers, Art Club, Debate, Political Science, and Book Club.
They're talking about setting up a drama club at my school - if they do, I'm joining.


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