What are you joining this year?

I don't really like sports but I'am Doing Track(Mostly field) and Leadership Club.
[EDIT] I'am Doing Hiking Club too! :D

[EDIT 2.0] Ive decided to do Key club too (: 

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YAY! THEATER BUD! DFTBA :) I also am in Poets and Writers, Art Club, Debate, Political Science, and Book Club.
They're talking about setting up a drama club at my school - if they do, I'm joining.
I'm not doing any sports, but I'm going to join the Environmental club and the Nerdfighter club.
I am jealous that you have a nerdfighter club.
lol. I was so surprised we had one, my friends just made it this year. :)

My school offers quite a bit. I am in Drama, Fencing, Archery, Drumline, Ac-Dec, Show Choir and Ultimate Frisbee.  Bit of a handful but fun.

I love ultimate frisbee  and archery your so lucky :P
I joined Harry Potter Club and Art Club. No Nerdfighter Club, however...:(
You should make one! :)
Let's see, I've got a BUNCH going on: Certamen, Track - 200m, and Field - shot-put and discus, other Junior Classical League events, National Science Honor Society, National English Honor Society, and, over all, Procrastination!!!
yay procrastination!!! its what i'm doing right now XD


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