What are you joining this year?

I don't really like sports but I'am Doing Track(Mostly field) and Leadership Club.
[EDIT] I'am Doing Hiking Club too! :D

[EDIT 2.0] Ive decided to do Key club too (: 

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What's thespian? I used to be on my school's student council too! *highfive*

I'm in JCL, Mock Trial, Drama Club, I dance, I volunteer at the District Attorney's office, and I'm editor of the newspaper

My school has 0 clubs or extra curricular activities, unfortunately.. However one girl and one teacher set up a music club the year before I went to the school, and there's been 3 of us in it for the last few years and alas, more people are starting to join! Music all the way :D

This year I'm the only clubs I am in is Anime club (because.... that's where the most awesome people are). And Grapes, which is my Acapella group. It is SO time consuming but it is so fun.

Tennis! :D

Hmm... I don't know. But I'm joining the basketball team..


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