My name is Kyra (Kee rah) I'm a whovian and Star warrior. I like to wear suspenders. I love reading. NOW SPEAk PPL SPEAK! Ohh and. LOvE Sherlock. By the way is there a word for a person who loves Sherlock?

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Bow ties, suspenders, fezzes, and stetsons are all cool.


What about trains? I like trains..

trains are cool. ive only been on one, not counting the boring ones at zoos and things.

I like listening to trains more than being in trains. They're fun to watch. Also this was really just a subtle reference to asdf, but whatever.

but I must disagree wearing a Bow tie and a Fez is the Only way to go.

By saying that I enjoy trains I didn't say that I don't enjoy bowties and fezzes. I think I like them equally. 


How are you?

hey! i like ur profile pic

Sometimes, I randomly stick my face in a book just to smell it.  Oh, I read books too occaisonally.  Suspenders are super-douper awesome.....hi?

I DO THE SAME THING!!!!! omg i thought i was the only one!!!!!


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