Hey guys.

So I've always been interested in joining a vlogging group on youtube, but never have been accepted to one.

So, I figured why not make one with a ton of Nerdfighter's.

It would run Monday-Sunday with 6 other people and myself participating.  It would be run like most Vlog-A-Day channels, where each person has a certain day and uploads their videos that day.  I'd preferably want you to be in high school but exceptions can be made.


Monday - Jessica Cottingham

Tuesday - Becca Alien

Wednesday - Deidre Murphy (currently Hester)

Thursday - Molly Smith

Friday - Tappybee

Saturday - Kirsten Field

Sunday - Kat Cavanagh

I don't have a name in mind for the channel yet.  I'm figuring once there are the other people we could come up with a name (or all y'all could leave suggestions).  If you're interested in joining please comment on this discussion and I'll message you back.



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Hi :) I'd love to join! I'm 16 from England (so I know Im not in American highschool but i'm close-ish)


I'm 14 in 9th grade, I'd like to join if possible ^.^ in my provience its considered high school idk about over there but yeah.

Hey! I'm 15 (10th grade) from Canada! I'd be interested!

Sounds cool, I'd like to join. I'm 15 (10th grade) and from Canada as well :)

Yes! Pleasure to meet you fellow Canadian!

Same to you! Nice ta meet'cha

This sounds really fun! I'm 14 (turning 15 later, so that's grade 10 for us) and in Australia. That could be interesting with the different nationalities, hey? :P

Hi!  I would love to join!  I'm only 14 though, but this coming year, I will be in high school, but I'm already taking high school classes, so you could just say that I'm in high school.  ^-^ I'm from boring United States, but there's a diverse amount of people, and I love meeting new people from around the world! (:

So yeah, hope I can join, DFTBA! :D

Greetings!!! My name is Rachel and I'm 15 from America. I would love to be involved with your marvelous project, I think it's positively genius!!! :) DFTBA!

This sounds awesome! I would love to join, I'm 16 (17 in March) from Australia. :) 

I'd love to take part in this, if fridays still all available? I'm 15, in england, if I lived in america I think I'd be in high school (the american schooling system confuses me though so I'm not sure) This sounds like a totally awesome idea XD


Everyone, subscribe to us!  We're uber nice people :)


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