Hey guys.

So I've always been interested in joining a vlogging group on youtube, but never have been accepted to one.

So, I figured why not make one with a ton of Nerdfighter's.

It would run Monday-Sunday with 6 other people and myself participating.  It would be run like most Vlog-A-Day channels, where each person has a certain day and uploads their videos that day.  I'd preferably want you to be in high school but exceptions can be made.


Monday - Jessica Cottingham

Tuesday - Becca Alien

Wednesday - Deidre Murphy (currently Hester)

Thursday - Molly Smith

Friday - Tappybee

Saturday - Kirsten Field

Sunday - Kat Cavanagh

I don't have a name in mind for the channel yet.  I'm figuring once there are the other people we could come up with a name (or all y'all could leave suggestions).  If you're interested in joining please comment on this discussion and I'll message you back.



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If anyone would like to be a substitute Vlogger for our channel, please let us know below so we can contact you.

First day of subbing is THIS MONDAY!


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