anybodyknow some awesome teen vloggers on youtube, I know of a couple. We could share and help others out. ect.

Ones I know are
the vlogteenagers:

Cross Country Collab:

Made purely of awesome:

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Right now there is a group working on starting a vlog that will start next monday the first.  We are called Vlogtet and as of right now there isn't a channel on youtube for us but there should be today or tomorrow.


I am part of a collab group called sevenvloggingnerds
so am i.
I'm in a group with two of my friends. We've just started and we're starting a trock band (called Melody & the Ponds). The group thingy is called ThePonderingTrio. We only have one video up at the moment. Please check it out?
Melody and the Ponds? AHHHH that's so great. :D Me and two of my friends are starting a trock band called the Weeping Angels. c: or maybe the Vashta Nerada. We want to name the band after a monster, though. c:

We only have one video up at the moment and its an embarrassing one of me rapping... :s

Maybe for a band name 'The Silence'? Ironic as you'll be making noise.. but it also implies that you are forgettable...

We were going to be called Rory and the Ponds, from the point of view of all of the pond clan, but we decided 'Melody' as thats musical ;)

XDD I'll still subscribe. <3


We thought about that, and joked about how our albums would all just be silence, just nothing on the albums. like blank cds. 


Awww, mr. pond, <3 Melody is musical, I love that choice. There should be a band called River Songs. Cause it doesn't sound trocky unless you think about it. It could be a non-trock band. BUT IT WON'T BE. :D

River Songs is cool! Maybe an Album name? (Don't mind me as I go and steal that...) 


At least we'll have one subscriber :)

XD take it~


I'll spread the word to my whovian friends :D


I am in a long-distance trock band with people from VidCon called Vincent and the Doctors.


I'll check you guys out.


Our Bandcamp


Our Youtube.


Edit:  I'm late.  Oh well.

I would really like to be in a vlogging group :D

I don't have one right now, though.

Anyone want to start? :D 

Heyy me and my friend are making a collab channel! Fancy helping out?


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