Hey, everyone :)

A few weeks ago, I started making STUNNING videos on Youtube, and I have lots of brilliant ideas pouring from my genius brain, but I would like to know what types of videos YOU like to watch, whether it's make-up tutorials, vlogs, or skateboarding dogs eating jelly flamingos... Let me know, because I would like to be abe to appeal to a wide audience :)

If you're interested in seeing any of my videos, which I'm certain that you are, here are two links,one for my main channnel, and the other will send you to the collab channel that I'm part of, called Heptagonofnerds. Also, tell me what you think (yay a rhyme!).

Main channel:

Collab channel:

P.S. Please be aware that I am a very sarcastic person, who hardly ever takes anything seriously :P

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Hi Verity!

Just lettin' you know that I haven't really seen your main channel (i'll check it out though) but I love your work with us at the heptagon. So yeah. XD

I watch anything and everything ^_^ as long as it can sustain my interest O.o :P

I do videos as well! (that's my channel :P)

(btw,i can't see the rhyme :P)

I'll deffinatly check out your videos :) The rhyme was suppose to be link and think, but then I put a bunch of text between the two words, so it dosen't make sense :P

yay :) do! :P ah right, i see it now (ish) but i can see where the problem lay for me

Mainly I enjoy watching Vlogs, probably because they allow you to understand in a small way what it's like to be someone else. I'll watch anything I find entertaining, but one thing I don't like is "stunning videos" makes by self proclaimed geniuses. You were probably being sarcastic about that, but please don't use sarcasm in textual communication. Also I think you should make videos that you're proud of, not just videos you think other people will like. 

Looking back on what I wrote, my sarcasm did fail, so I guess I won't be doing that again.

I myself love a young filmmaker named JoshuaBB, you can find his channel here: . I love how he shoots his music videos - they're so creative. 

Best of luck with your youtube channel :)


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