Hai! I'm Aletheia, and I'm looking for a Nerdfighter friend 13 or under. I'm not saying my age, but I'm older than 10 and younger than 13.

I love Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Doctor Who, Sherlock, AVPM, italktosnakes, Lauren Fairweather, etc. Anyone interesed?

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I love a lot of the things you just listed, but I am 16. Sorry!

All of the things? Hmmm.. you sound like a person I would like to meet. LOL

I fit into that age range!  I love HP and I'm a Youtube addict. I'm only on the 2nd hungergames book. Whatever.

I love almost everything you have listed, but I'm fifteen! :P If it works for you though, I don't care what your age is. 

I love the same stuff as you!
But I'm purty sure we already count as friends. :P 

I love HP and THG. I'm 14 but thats pretty close, if you ever wanna talk to me, you can like, message me here or e-mail me :)

Are you going to LeakyCon? (I am almost 14, btw). 

I"m Older then 10 And younger then 13 too. I love harry potter doctor who Italktosnake nerimon charlieissocoollike littleradge and yes. So I think we would be good friends.

I'm Aurora,I'm 12 and I like basically all those things! :) It would be really cool to be friends with you because most Nerdfighters and other friends of mine online are like sixteen and they say I act like a teenager but I would still like some friends that are my age :)

I'm 13 I am obsessed with harry potter, AVPM, AVPS (really all the starkid productions), Doctor who, I haven't read hunger games yet but I'm going to start reading soon, I started watching italktosnakes literally yesterday.

I am not emo disregard the profile pic.

The Hunger Games, is absolutely amazing. Do not expect to not cry. LOL

I'm 13, but soon turning fourteen. I am afraid my qualifications of being a great buddy, are not very good. Sorry :(.. However, I do love all the same things. I think that is a very important factor.


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