What's up, nerdfighteria? I literally joined the teenage group, like, fifteen minutes ago, and when I saw all these discussions about doing youtube collabs, I got really excited! This will be really fun! HOWEVER, I saw that all of these discussions pretty much were taken on members. So why not start my own?

I actually have my own vlog, so I'm not new to this, but I still thought this might be interesting. If you want to see some of my work, just click this link:

SO here's the thing: I want this collab channel to have the usual: Seven nerdfighters, each putting up a video on a certain day of the week, doin' whatever. But I want this channel to be different. Not just a vlog channel, but to have it, like, have a theme. 

I'm not too sure what that theme will be, but once I get my "team" together, we will all figure it out together. Because that's what we'll be-a team, right? so here's what I want you to do. 

Leave your name. (Or codename. Mine's n4m4w45! :p)

Leave your age. (I'm fifteen. I want us all to be in high school, if that's possible.)

Leave your likes. (just your main ones. I love youtube, Nintendo, Pokemon, and reading.)

Leave your dislikes. (Again, the main ones. I'm not the biggest fan of football, studying, and World suck.)

Leave what you want to be when you grow up. (I want to be a novelist.)

Leave what you like about being a nerdfigher. (We are a nerdfigher channel, aren't we? I love never having nothing to watch on Youtube.)

And leave what day you would like to upload on. (I'm not a very busy person. I'm willing to take any day.)

EDIT: I'm both sorry and excited to say that we have our seven, scheduled as follows:

Sunday - Emily
Monday - Bridgette 
Tuesday - Jasmine
Wednesday - n4m4w45 
Thursday - Dave
Friday - Megan
Saturday - Marta

We've pretty much decided on the channel name- HeptagonOfNerds. So we hope you decide to subscribe!

we're forming a team here! And this team shall be elite!

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I guess we could have a Gmail conversation. I just kinda need to know what everyone else thinks. So how 'bout it guys? head over to Gmail? Emily, message me if the button's still not working. 

I say hear hear to gmail! My home and native land.


Right then. Gmail it is. 


I'm all for it, myself. :)

Thing is, I technically have a Gmail, but I don't know how it works! Wah!
So, how do I get in a chat with you guys? (Whimpers because I am so ignorant...)

I have your addresses, at least those of you who have left them, but don't know where to go from there.... 

I'm clueless as well, I'm just gonna send a group e-mail :/

Right. Sounds good. In the mean time, anybody else know how to work the chat?

Gotcha....(I think.) :P

Just send a group email to all of us and we just have to click reply all when we reply so everyone gets it. Then don't delete the email so it updates with the whole conversation and just shows the new part.

I see. Thanks a lot, Jasmine! 

Have you left your email for us yet?

oh yeah, it's


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