I will begin by saying Dislaxia is very reall and NOT an excuse for lazyness or means one is stupid.

People who really really liek good speliing need to understand this. Expecting poeple with dislexia to live up to your expections of spellign and grammer becouse other wise it ofends your senseilbites is very much liek askign someoen with a stutter to talk properly becouse you think its annoying.

 Do you think someone with a shutter is stuipd becouse they have a harder time expressing themselfs verbley than you do? do thier opinions and ideas have less value and have less of a right to be hread and prestiapete becouse you may have a slight amoutn of truble understandign soem of the thigns they say soemtimes? if you say no good for you you value subsence over form! if yes, congantlaustions your a cossal jerk.

it is just the same with dislexa and text. 



someone who has to live with the reallitys of dislexia everyday of thier life.  

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and that's how it all began... :)

Very wel ritten Phether... unforchoonitlee I don't thing eni peeple hoo dislyke bad speling ar gowing 2 b loocking at thes groop long enuf 2 reed yer eksellent poyent.

(I realize that that may have sounded sarcastic because of all the bad spelling, but it was not meant to--I'm just trying to follow the rules of the group... speaking of which, the rule about all sentences being 90% incorrectly spelled doesn't have to apply to serious conversations)

Buuut were optimistic. We WILL get more members. And I shall include this point in my story....


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