I was lying in bed and thought of some. It would obviously have to go to Hank Green's Accio Harry Potter. This is what I thought of (and seeing as I haven't read the book or watched the movie this is as good as it gets)

I'm gettin kinda tired of this
prepubescent media blitz
They've got all stupid teens under their spell

They don't know half the world has gone
and took that book and barfed upon
How many more books could you sell?
Just give me Harry Potter or go hell!

Cause I hate Edward Cullen
Like that Bella girl needs lovin'
and as the book continues my stomach moans

Sparkly boys really blow
Edwards eyes are just hollow
I'd rather be punched in the nose
Sparkly boys really blow
Sparkly boys really blow

So any suggestions? More versus? I just basically took the orignal song and made ours work in here. Tell me if you think you have somehing that would work better.

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Or alternatively instead of 'Like that Bella girl needs lovin' ' it could be 'like a vegetarain hates mutton'
Put in something about Bella being a complete Mary-Sue!
And put Edward being a stalker in. Otherwise it's going well!
Mention their lack of personality and the weird writing style. UGH! for every one sentence of plot progression you get a chapter of lovey-goo!!!! I personally don't care what freakin color Ed C.'s eyes are!!!!


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