Everyone starts drawing/making art for their own reason. What I'm wondering is: why did you start? 

My answer for my own question is Fan Art. I'm so impressed by seing art of the things I'm interested in, so I wanted to do something myself.

What were your inspirations, and how did you get started? Did you learn from yourself, class, school, friends or tutorials? Oh, and speaking of tutorials. Does anyone know any especially good tutorials that you've used? For just drawing really, nothing in particular.

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I've always been an artsy/creative person by nature, but I really started a couple of years ago. I would draw when I was bored and it turns out I wasn't too bad at it. I would draw pictures of my family and my house - nothing really fancy. I basically taught myself for a few years until last semester when .I took a basic drawing class. I drew a picture of Harry and Voldemort in that class and it is probably the best work I've done. I am currently working on a picture of the Doctor, but I haven't touched it for a month since I've been really busy.

This guy mainly does anime (I'm pretty sure he writes/draws anime for books) but he has a few realistic drawing tutorials for eyes and such. You should check him out:

Also Vihart does some really cool math doodles and doodling game-y things. Even if you're not into doodling, you should check it out. Tis quite neat:

Hope this helps! And good luck!

I've been drawing since I was 3. I really liked animals. The first drawing I remember making was of a tiger. I showed it to my mom, and she thought it was really good. I've been drawing every since.

I went through a dragon phase, and then the wolf, cat, and horse phase, and many of the other classic young artist phases without even realizing there was a huge art community online. I found it in 2009.

My inspiration has always been animals, but I've definitely branched out and realized the more odd animals are what really get my creative juices flowing rather than the more well known and appreciated ones. I mean, a guanaco is a lot more entertaining than a husky, and exaggerating the looks of an angler fish is probably some of the most fun I've had character designing in a long time.

I was pretty much self taught besides the occasional tip from a teacher until art school. I prefer to stare at photos and just get the basic idea then draw until I get it right instead of using tutorials; Although they are nice for quick analysis and just getting an idea of how to draw what you see.

I've never been huge into fan art, but I do enjoy looking at it, and I will doodle a few pokemon now and then.

For an idea of what I draw, you can go to my dA page:

Hi there! For me, i've started when i studied animation about 7 years ago. Learnt quite a bit in there, but i learnt the most after school on my own.

I've always been a fan of MTG art. And even though i don't work in animation now, i still draw here and there (i'm not that good :P)

The link above is an online friend i have, he's pretty good at explaining things.

Also, i used to be active in forums such as and when i was starting out. The best way to learn is to work everyday and get support from people online if you don't have many artist friends. There are so many people out there who are willing to help if you work hard and ask for it, nicely.  :)

If you're interested in my progress, you can take a look at my CA sketchbook thread

Why did I start? There was this burning place inside me that was only quenched while painting, I guess it helped that in school everyone wanted to beat me up for being a nerd so I just hid in art class and painted.

My inspirations? The works of the Ancients.

Learned from? I had an amazing art program in high school, back in the days when art eduction was valued and still funded, after that it was self taught, study, practice and years of art history. I always remember the words of my high school art teacher "Practice does not make perfect, practice makes better". That has been the single most driving force in all I create, perfect does not exist, but you can always be better!

I have never used a tutorial, but made use of a lot of technical studies on art mediums and process, Ralph Mayer's Artist's Handbook is still one of the most useful I have ever come across.


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