Have you ever sent your art in to your schools art-show and had it rejected because the teacher simply didn't like it?


I spent hours drawing my anime poster for my high-schools art show (It took two 6B pencils to fill in the background). The teacher gave it back to me saying: "I'm not going to allow this non-american cartoon crap into my show"


yeah... I was pissed!



So Tell us about your experience!

and if you still have your picture, show it here so

it can get it's time in the spotlight like

it should have had!

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Agh! That's downright terrible what the school said! "Non-American cartoon crap"? Do these people have any perception of art whatsoever? There's so many things wrong with what that teacher said that I don't even KNOW where to begin, but in short, they're stupid, and I for one think your drawing kicks ass.

@  Kisara Ritsuka Kaur: thanks! 

funny story about that teacher though... the next year he got arrested for allegedly molesting some boys in his photography class.... what a douche!

Wow o_o

Then again it seems like in every school there's at least one teacher who...probably shouldn't be around kids.

Every school I've been too there's one/a few that have some ugly pedo-charge rumor floating around them. *shudders*

Ikr? I mean, if you hate kids, don't be a teacher. It's that simple. And if you love them, well... you should be in jail.

lol! that's messed up!

Man, that's really lame! I thought culture was a good thing. The only instance I can think of where rejecting anime (not to that extent, of course) would make any sense would be if it was an 'All American Art Show', but seriously, who does that? And even if that were to happen, America is a country made of immigrants. Our culture is a compilation of everyone elses, including Japan. There is nothing we can really say we had as part of our culture first. Your teacher is really lame. That drawing is simply AMAZING and that talent show won't be as kick ass without it.
I hate it when people refuse to consider anime/cartoons as art. Some cartoons/animations I've seen are incredible. My school is pretty pro-anime in their art program, but my art teacher is some wacko stoner lady and the other one is an "everything in the world is art!!!" kind of person, so they'll pretty much put anything up for our art show, which is nice simply because you get a hell of a lot of variety. Anime isn't really my cup of tea to draw, but I can definitely appreciate some well-drawn anime, and your drawing looks pretty nice.


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