Show us pics of your art!
Ths I made for two nerdfighters
This is still unfinished, im not sure how the background should be.
You can see more at my photo album.

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This (THE LINK!) is one of my first drawings on my new wacom tablet so i have'nt done back round or anything Yet. I don't have much art online thought so this is all I can show :)
Just take a look at my pictures on the ning. =D

I'll post the link though. ^^
damn, nice!
My user pic is a distorted self portrait I did in drawing class.
I have many more styles and mediums that I use, but these are just to give a sample of some of my variety
u are realy good :D like the girl one... :D
here's my album where i'll be uploading stuff:
I have a Deviantart, so you can just browse that if you'd like ^^;

My recent works are somewhat more decent than the rest of my gallery...
This is one of the only drawings I've posted here, but that's because it's one of my favorites.
You can find more stuff in my photos section or at my Deviant Art page.

I was wondering: did you photograph this or use a scanner? The paper color seems to be darker in the top half than on the bottom.

Anyway, regardless of that: fantastic job. Especially on the head and eye (I keep going to go look at other art, and then scrolling back up to get a better look at this--curse you and your distraction!)
That's like the coolest dinosaur EVER!!! I love art, but it's been so long since I've drawn anything myself that I'm sure i will stink. Lately I've been working on a my first ever painting.... and it's for contest. I only hope it is half as good as this :D

!!! i love parasauralophus :D

Alrighty heres only two things i wanna post;
The first one is a card/image i did for Hanks birthday. I believe it got featured.. - [link]
The second one is something i've done more recently.. It was a drawing for a game i play, - [link]

I also do photography which can also be seen on my dA andd i paint and do non computer art


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