Show or tell what you're doodling/painting/drawing/whatever right now :D

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a big eye with the univers in site :)

Right now, I'm working on a small 'mural' for my bookshelf. It'll be on the top shelf, which is about waist-high. What I'm trying to do is draw an open book, with different things sprouting out of the pages, symbolizing that there is 'My Own Universe' within the pages of every book. It'll have one giant sort of Empire State building coming from the middle, with a tree silouetted in front of it. There will be fireworks on one side of the building, and a hand reaching out of a fire on the other.

I know it sounds weird. :)

I am drawing / writing my daily life :) So-called "a picture diary" :]
cool :) i realy like to see who it that look like :D
A bunch of little scenes from "I Shall Wear Midnight". Tiny people's faces are really hard to paint.
A chibi bunny boy.....weird huh?
I just finnished a portrate of a friends chest done with lipstick and my face... it was for a class but really fun. Know i am doing alot of stained glass
I'm currently making facets by wrapping wire around a structure composed of dowels annnddd I need to go to my studio at some point to cut out more wood. xD Yay, sculpture!
coursework. so much coursework
Just finished #4 of a series of mythical creatures.  There will be one for each letter of the alphabet.
Feedback is always welcome.

I am currently working on a sketch for what to design for my gingerbread house in Culinary. I like it so far, but its a model of a pagoda that is four stories. Hopefully I'll be able to build this without -erm- destroying the gingerbread. Heh. This is going to be quite a challenge indeed.

My HSC art major work, but I am being quite slack about it. I've started, but I don't know where I want to take it next. The paintings (3) are inspired by Charles Dwyer and they are all self portraits :)


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