Alright, you guys are probably aware that new Torchwood characters for the upcoming series 4 were released. I'm not sure how legitimate they are, but might as well see what you guys think.

See here for news article regarding the new characters.

I can deal with the CIA agents, but a pedophile? Really? They better have a damn good backstory for this.

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Anyhow - this looks like a casting notice. The names of the characters could change, but:

1. Rex - really? Why not just name him Penis or King

2. Esther Kasui - a japanese last name - and my mom's chemo nurse who is asian has this as a first name.

Both of these characters are "get me a younger" Jack and Tosh

3. Oswald Jones - Hmm. Jones. Really? Are we still that mad that GDL is straight that we have to say FU to the fans?
Seriously the Jones thing is getting old. RTD needs to figure out a new surname.

Harriet Jones, Martha Jones, Ianto Jones

and now Oswald...
I almost forgot there was also a Eugene Jones in the episode "Random Shoes"
I still feel betrayed by Russell :/ He kills Owen, Tosh and Ianto, and then puts together Jack and Gwen even though Gwen IS MARRIED AND HAS A CHILD?! And then, a PEDOPHILE? I'm seriously considering to not watch it.
Well, it seems like RTD is working on archtypes with very little difference in his mind between Esther and Tosh or Oswald and Owen. It is said that he originally wanted Owen to have some pedfelia. He did essentially use an alien date rape drug.
Rex is supposed to be the new Owen character NOT Oswald. Apparently Esther and Rex have an unrequited Tosh/Owen thing going on. Though I do agree that Owen was a bit of a freak.
Oswals sounds horrid, his last name is JONES!!!!!! What's up with that! Esther is a Young Tosh and Rex sounds good. Yea I like Rex. :)
So they make the pedophile have the same last name as Ianto. That makes sense. *Heavy Sarcasm*
In all fairness, its not like Ianto's last name is all that unique...People are reading too much into the name thing.

I'm a little skeptical about these characters (a pedophile? REALLY?) but I have a lot of faith in the Torchwood crew, and Miracle Day sounds like an amazing premise.

I'm holding out hope for awesomeness. :)

My main fear is actually that Americans are taking over the show. Captain Jack is the greatest man alive and I love everything about him, but soon, a full half of the Torchwood crew will be American with American accents. Not sure how I feel about that...

The whole pedophile thing is mostly because he is supposed to get the needle, but because of the whole no-one-on-Earth-can-die thing, he wont die. 


I slightly agree with you on the American takeover issue, but I'm thinking because it is still RTD's baby he wont let it get out of hand. Its becoming a global thing, especially since the whole world knows about aliens now due to the 456. Its harder to cover up. (If that made sense, if not let me know)

WAIT WHAT! There's a pedophile! Who!?


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