I learned about it while I was checking out new bands and their websites. I think I found TWLOHA when I discovered Secondhand Serenade, and I read the story and bought a shirt and I was touched.

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I use to cut and it was starting to scare me because I couldn't control it. I started looking anywhere where someone could possibly help me.
The shirts. I'd see people wearing TWLOHA shirts all over the place. I was curious, so I googled. And I'm glad I did. Because I found out about TWLOHA when I was realizing that I really needed help to overcome my self-injury because it was getting bad. I wonder where I'd be if I found out a month, two months later. Hm.
I found out about TWLOHA through Hawthorne Heights years ago, and now I have a shirt(sadly only one right now) and the book 'Purpose for the Pain' by Renee Yohe.
music and youtube- thats all im going to say. im helping a friend out of depression right now too.
My friend that cuts discovered a TWLOHA event on facebook and invited my entire group of friends to it, we spent the entire event day covering eachothers arms with love. It was nice being able to let her know we were there for her and that we loved her.
I first learned about TWLOHA three years ago in my freshman year in high school. It was the day before Valentine's Day and my friend called me over to her lunch table. She immediately grabbed my arm and wrote LOVE rather largely with a red marker and said "I love you, don't kill yourself". Of course I was quite confuzzeled and she said that Feb 13 has statistically the highest teen suicide rates than any other day of the year because they feel unloved and cannot bare to live through Valentine's Day.
I've been a full supporter of the movement ever since. <3
I found out about it four years ago when I was in ninth grade. I was really messed up, and I still am, and started cutting. I'm nerdy about every aspect of my life so of course I felt the urge to research self-mutilation, and that's how I stumbled upon To Write Love On Her Arms.
I stopped cutting a few months later, but it wasn't because of TWLOHA. My best friend who went to a behavioral hospital for cutting begged me to stop because she didn't want me to go through the same thing that she did, and that's why I stopped. I've only relapsed a few times, but I've been clean for a while now.
I first learned about it from myspace several years ago, I am a former cutter who still has urges and the fact that people are out there doing this sort of thing is a real blessing to all those who are struggling or have struggled.
I did a project on self-harming for one of my classes and found it while doing research. In the end practically my whole project was a "do something" project about TWLOHA. From there I joined the street team, and if you have yet to do so, I highly recommend it!

I had some issues with myself and wanted to cut. Not in a last moment sort of way, but planning to cut. I was trying to pick the most strategic place to cut myself if I wanted to hide it. I stumbled across the website. 


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