I'm always curious to know what places make people's list.

Last year I got to go to London, so that was one off my list - and the awesome thing is I am going for a weekend November. A few years ago I went to Washington DC for 3 weeks, and stayed over for the 4th of July. I have family in Germany, been to some border villages in France, and have even done a midnight flight to California.

My top places to visit:
Egypt (pyramids. enough said)
All of Great Britian
Australia and surrounding Islands
Easter Island
... and tons more!

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I really want to go the the Middle East - especially Iran. I'd also like to travel through rural China/Mongolia/India (that whole area). And I want to go to Cuba, because the government says we're not supposed to (though Obama might change that).

But I can't do that for a long, long time, since I'm only 14 and there's no way my family is going on a brief summer vacation to Iran or Cuba.
That could be an interesting travel discussion... "Hey parents... this summer, let's go to CUBA!" *shocked looks" and you see a white rubber room for the summer instead. Some travels are best when you are old enough. :) I hope all those places are in existance when you are old enough to enjoy them with out threat of a rubber room
Anywhere and everywhere.
Belfast, Germany, London, Spain, Qutar, Sydney, Hiroshima, Beijing, Baghdad, Basra, Kabul, Tehran
I'd like to go to:
Germany (which I'm planning on doing next summer! [along with a few other countries])
and basically anywhere I haven't been yet!
Anywhere...I have been in 16 countries so far (I'm 25). the USA, Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil, Australia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, the UK, France, Czech Rep, Austria, Slovakia and Budapest (and of course Argentina where I'm from) and I have realized that no matter where you go, every single country, state, province, city or village has something interesting, something different. You only have to set up your mind in the correct way. Open your eyes and ears, try to learn a few words of the local language, try new food no matter how disgusting it looks.
I have no idea where I'm going next, I just want to keep on travelling.
My absolute favorite place in the world is Tuscany, Italy. Well, Florence specifically. But I would LOVE to go to South America, and everywhere else. I am 15 and have been to 14 countries, and lived in 2. There is NOTHING I love more than travelling. 3 continents down, 4 to go!
Greece, Serbia, Bosnia, All Slav countries, Austria, Germany, Uk, Spain. these are all places I wish to visit and plan to visit someday. :)
Here is my list:

1. India (I want to go do this Volunteer thing there SO BAD!)
2. Egypt
3. London, UK
4. Athens, Greece
5. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
6. Dubai, UAE
7. Tokyo, Japan
8. Paris, France
9. Barcelona, Spain
10. Kenya

I spent a semester in China so I took that off my list, but I'd love to go back. :)
For my age I've already been in many places, I think. OK - in Europe the counties aren't so far away from each other ^^

1. I'd love to go to New Zealand one day and take pictures of everything crossing my trip. I'd like to go to the places, where "The Lord of the Rings" was made.
2. I'd like to go to Pennsylvania US one day and visit the Amish again, but that's a little impossible, because they probably already forgot the German exchange student, having marshmallows on a fire with them one weekend ;)
3. Iceland would be great and look at the nature and take picture.
4. This one is going to come reality this summer - I go to Scottland with my 2 best friends, we'll stay in a probably bad b&b hostel in Edinburgh and we'll descover Scottland with the help of public transport and our legs.
5. I've never been in Norway.
6. I'd like to visit a postcrossing-friend in China
7. Some places in France I visited when I was a kid. We had a so called "3rd grandpa" over there, but he did a couple of years ago and I'd like to see his grave, but it's difficult without a car.

There are probably millions of other places...anyway - I prefere areas that are less than 30 degress celcius^^
My top five list changes about every week, I basically want to see the world. But for this week, my top five are:
1. Greece
2. Ireland
3. South Africa
4. Netherlands
5. West Coast of Canada

Last year I got to take a trip to London, Paris, and Rome and it was absolutely amazing. My favorite though, had to be Italy, and I'm dying to do I guess I have a top six!

I have travelled almost the whole of India (i live here), n i have seen almost everything

- Deserts with sand dunes

- River deltas with mangrooves

- most Himalayas with the worlds highest airport, roadways etc, Mt. Everst and Mt. Kachenjunga (1st n 3rd highest peaks) in one view at sunrise

- everygreen rain forests

- oldest civilization in the indus valley

- taj mahal etc

All this thanks to my dad who loves travelling too and he works in a government company so we get access to some places where normally one cant go(like china border)

So now, when i'm soon gonna get my own job n all, the places i want to visit outside India are:

1. The Pyramids in Cairo

2. Rome (all the ruins and monuments)

3. Greek Islands

4. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

5. Machu Picchu

6. The Great Wall


7th in the list was Buddhas of Bamyan in afghanistan, but the taliban dynamited it in 2001 :( (@#%$#%$^ bloody taliban) 


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