A southern nerdfighter gathering would be AWSOMELY AMAZING! But does anyone else live down here?

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I live in the south west, Devon to be exact. There are a few more nerdfighters around here but where are you?
Woo Im in Devon too, where the farmers live! Its just that there are loads of forums for people who live up north but never down south :(
I live in Winchester - I know Winchester's not South like Devon and Cornwall are South, but if there were a gathering near there I would happily go.
I live in Fleet! like 25/30 min train ride away from winchester! Thats so sweet, your the first nerdfighter who lives anywhere near me :)
I know you posted this ages ago but I live near there.
Eek! I'm in Winchester too! :D
Wow! Where abouts? (Unless you're scared of stalkers in which case feel free not to say :P)
Town centre :) I'm only here till May though cos then I finish uni and move back to Brighton! Whereabouts are you?
Town Centre too!
I live in Dorset and would be willing to participate in a southern Nerdfighter Gathering.


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