Hi! I'm from south-east england, and i'd love to meet fellow nerdfighters. One of my best friends is one, and I know some other fellow nerdfighters. Anyway, Nerdfighters aren't really very well known, and i'd like to know how many there are near me!!!





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umm not very good at geography but i am in herfordshire is that near you?
lol i'm not very good at geography either. i live in hampshire, you heard of that? :)
never heard of it sorry but i suck at all georgraphy i thought floridia was near canada
LOL. I don't think i'm QUITE that bad. :L I've been to Florida. :D
that the sad part so have i 3 times and only on the way their the 3rd time did i learn it wasn't
Hey!! I live in southampton, Hampshire!! Unfortunately I don't no many nerd fighters either :( lol

I live so near there I've been to Southampton the last 3 days.

I'm from southampton too!! ...I realise how late this reply is. I just made a Uni Of Soton facebook group and I'm trying to populate it! Please do join, even if you just live in Southampton :)


I live in berkshire, which is, I think, next to Hampshire.

I live in Biggin Hill, Kent. That's about an hour and a half away from Hampshire. It's also likely that I'll be going to Uni in Southampton in September which puts me even closer. Huzzah! :D

:DDD if you do come to southampton uni please message me on facebook!! it'd be so cool to have a nerdfighter friend at uni!


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