NF gathering in north england?
hell yeah.

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Near Sheffield? Though, I can get a train to pretty much anywhere. I just need notice!
Sheffield, for sure! Takes me 20 mins to get there from my house! We could get Johnny Durham!
well i can get a train to most places to , just need to know where the majority of nerdfighters are! xD
Id love one in lancashire- just cause i live there- lol
So there are Nerdfighters up north! Thanks goodness for that. I'd love to come to a gathering; only problem is convincing my mum to let me get the train on my own to somewhere. Unless there are enough Nerdfighters to make one in Liverpool viable, but I doubt that.
Any News for an "Up North" Gathering? I can get to Sheffield and most other places? Any news on a Winter gathering?
I'd be able to get to sheffield.
If we could get some gatherings around here it would be awesome!!
What about Leeds? It seems central to everything, lol.
and I love the idea of getting Johnny Durham to come, he's awesome (:
Is this gathering still happening??
I'd love for it too, and I think Sheffield:)
If it is we need to start planning!!
I would LOVE there to be a gathering in the north! As long as it's somewhere I can get the train to, I'd definitely come. Let's do this thing!
We need to do a new nothen gatehring, somewhere in yorkshire i think :)


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